What Is Really Love At First Sight?

Do you notice that nervousness that runs through your body? You can’t control it: without knowing why, you start to perspire. It even seems like butterflies flutter in your stomach. You have experienced love at first sight!

Some call it a crush and there couldn’t be a more accurate definition. This type of infatuation arises  instantly and unexpectedly.

You do not know the person who is causing all these feelings at all. However, it makes you feel very deep things. Is there love at first sight or is it just an illusion?

The romantic crush

crush or love at first sight

Love at first sight can be considered as a platonic love. And it is that this arises spontaneously with a simple crossing of glances or a brush in a place full of people.

At any moment this romantic crush can happen that will leave you captivated. Without knowing why, you will want to meet and get closer to the person who has made you feel so many things at once.

There are people who believe that this is a mere physical attraction, and it is. However, there is also a great connection, much deeper, that occurs without one really understanding why.

However, we should not confuse love at first sight with mature or authentic love. The latter can only occur when you connect with the other person and get to know them not only on a physical level, but also emotionally.

What does it feel like to love at first sight?


1. Sweat and nervousness

If you are facing a romantic crush, your body temperature will begin to increase as a result of a nervousness that increases the shorter the distance with the desired person.

You will feel very insecure and even overwhelmed by the situation. Suddenly, you will be very clumsy and, if you are one of those who blush, your face will turn the color of a tomato.

You will not be able to act naturally or speak as you normally do. Maybe your tone of voice is higher or you say nonsensical things.

2. Thoughts of all kinds approach you

The moment all the previous sensations approach you, you will begin to think about that person: what is their name, their age, if they have a partner, if they have also noticed you, if the same thing is happening to them …

In the event that you have not been able to get closer or start a conversation, you will go home wondering if you will see her again and you will even start imagining a possible meeting where you will invent hundreds of random conversations between you.

3. You will not be able to stop thinking about that person

attraction or love at first sight

Several days will pass and you will continue to recreate in your mind that moment in which you will meet him again or in which you coincide again by chance. Suddenly, you will see that you remain absorbed while you are among your group of friends or that you smile for no reason.

When you find out, you will feel a little “silly.” In the end, you will come to the conclusion that it was foolish to obsess and occupy your thoughts with that person whom you know absolutely nothing.

Of course that will be until you meet her again and then it all starts over.

Real love is not a crush

Keep in mind that love at first sight cannot be considered “love” as such. For this to arise, other types of things are needed, mainly, because to truly fall in love one has to really know the other person. 

Being a crush, idealization is the main cause of all these emotional swings, so it may be that, if you finally decide to have a real conversation with the object of your desire, these passionate feelings will disappear.

When you speak with him or her in person, you may find that he or she is nothing like the boy or girl you fantasize about. Perhaps they are unfriendly, superficial, or with whom you have nothing in common. Then you will be disappointed, since your mind had mistakenly believed that it knew her.

Therefore, be consistent. You don’t lose anything by trying to get to know her, but don’t get paralyzed in your daydreams. Real life is so much better.

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