Three-day Plan To Reduce Your Waistline

One of the keys to reducing your waistline is learning not to snack between meals. Although it may seem like an insignificant gesture, it can go a long way towards achieving this goal.

Reducing the waist is not an easy task, since there are many factors that must be taken into account to complete this purpose. However, it can be achieved if sedentary lifestyle is abandoned and lifestyle habits are improved, in general.

It is more than proven that both diet and daily exercise are key when it comes to losing weight, but also when it comes to maintaining it. Therefore, it is important to pay due attention to them.

Is it possible to reduce the waist in three days?

Setting short and realistic goals can be of great help when it comes to losing weight progressively, until reaching the ideal according to the body mass index. Therefore, a three-day plan can inspire us when adopting a healthier and more coherent lifestyle, capable of providing long-term benefits.

In three days we are not going to achieve a ‘perfect’ silhouette, but we can achieve a more deflated look.

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The keys to success

To start reducing the waist in a healthy way, we must take into account the following keys to success. In general, these are practices that not only help you lose weight, but also improve some eating habits. 

1. Maintain moderation in quantities

The most important of all are the amounts of food we eat, which will depend on each person.

To reduce the waistline, we must avoid filling ourselves to the maximum, stop eating when we are no longer hungry, more or less when we are 80% satisfied.

2. Eliminate what does not nourish

We must also avoid the consumption of sweets, buns, sweets, fried foods, ultra-processed foods and all kinds of industrial edibles, since these are the ones that make us fatter and widen our waist.

We can choose healthy foods that provide us with calories. Nuts are a good option, in addition, they are excellent to calm the anxiety to eat. And in case we don’t like them very much, we can opt for a little natural yogurt without sugar, or a piece of whole fruit.

Health contributions of nuts according to science

3. Chew well and without haste

Many people bloat after every meal because they do not chew their food well and eat in a hurry.

  • We must chew well and take our time to eat to avoid filling with gas, suffering discomfort and looking bloated.
  • In addition, we must try to rest for at least 15 minutes (sitting or reclining, never completely lying down) after each main meal.

4. Have an early and light dinner

Dinner should be early, if possible three hours before going to bed. Also, it is desirable to choose light, low-fat dishes. Not only to avoid gaining weight, but to achieve a better rest.

If we are still hungry after dinner, we can have a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts.

Note : If we have digestive disorders, we must go to the doctor to rule out possible allergies, food intolerances or nervous disorders that are causing a chronic inflammation of the intestine.

3-day plan to reduce the waist

With this plan we can begin to correct eating habits and make better decisions when it comes to eating.

  • We will avoid the consumption of soft drinks and industrial drinks (including juices, teas and flavored waters).
  • If we want to drink something other than water, we can opt for homemade infusions and drinks, made with natural ingredients and without any type of sweetener, such as herbal teas, juices and smoothies.
  • We will avoid desserts during these three days.
  • We will not add sugar to drinks and we will take advantage of the sweet taste that some foods already have, such as banana, papaya and pineapple, for example.
  • Instead of chopping sweets, buns and snacks between meals, we will take a piece of whole fruit, a skimmed yogurt, natural or a handful of nuts.
  • We will replace refined flours with whole grains.
  • We will try to prepare meals grilled or baked, never fried.
  • We will consume carbohydrates in moderate amounts and preferably at noon.

Recommendations for lunch and dinner

To reduce the waistline, lunch and dinner should be based on two servings:

  • A serving of raw or cooked vegetables: salad, gazpacho, sautéed vegetables, vegetable cream, etc.
  • A serving of protein: meat, fish, eggs, legumes, avocado, fresh cheese, nuts.

For food, it is recommended to opt for raw vegetables and more consistent protein, while cooked vegetables and lean or more digestive protein will be more convenient at night.

To reduce the waist you also have to do physical activity

To reduce the waistline, during these three days it is also essential that we begin to do physical activity of moderate intensity. To do this, we can walk for 30-40 minutes (a day) and then incorporate other exercises (or practice a sport).

If you have questions about how to abandon a sedentary lifestyle, you can consult a professional trainer. He will be the one who can best advise you on how to start exercising and thus, little by little, achieve your goals.

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