The Moments Before Going To Sleep Condition Your Sleep

Many elements influence a person’s dream. The moments before going to sleep determine the way the dream will be. Habits and patterns have a lot to do with this process.

Sleep not only regulates physiological aspects of the body, it is also important for cognitive development. Through sleep, learnings and memories are strengthened. The body rests and recovers physically and mentally.

At bedtime, the human body goes through a series of processes that regulate its state. Your blood pressure drops and respiratory and sensory functions are reduced. In this way, the body relaxes and rests.

The moments before going to sleep are important for the body to reach the necessary state of relaxation. These moments are conditioned by the habits that the individual has before going to bed.

For example, a heavy meal before bed keeps the digestive system active. The same is true of the brain, if it is overstimulated before sleep.

Better habits before going to sleep

Light dinner

The body must be prepared before sleeping. Like a machine, it needs to be programmed to turn itself on or off. This is achieved through habits and rituals. Getting our body used to maintaining a routine provides the expected results.

1. Light dinner

Food greatly influences how a person falls asleep. Eating heavy or sugar-laden meals will make it difficult to go to sleep.

Many foods not only stimulate the body, but also the brain. Complex carbohydrates should be avoided due to their high sugar content.

2. Little liquid

There are those who are used to drinking a glass of water before going to sleep. It is advisable not to drink any liquids two hours before going to bed (so as not to have to get up several times to urinate and interrupt sleep).

It is recommended that the last drink of the day be a relaxing infusion, as this will help us when it comes to falling asleep.

3.The same schedule every day

Routine is important for the body. It is also for sleep. Sleeping and getting up at the same time every day will accustom the body to rest. The same goes for the hours of sleep. The body must get used to sleeping the same amount of time each day.  

4. A walk around the house

Walking around the house is a good habit before going to bed, doing a stretching session or even a little yoga can help prepare both your mind and body for bed. Among other things, because this type of activity helps to release tension and not go to bed with so many loads.

5. Breathing exercises in bed

Deep breathing techniques.

Breathing in and out consciously and slowly relieves tension. In addition, it oxygenates the brain, controlling its stimuli and helping to release anxiety. Without a doubt it is another of the good habits before going to sleep.

6. Music to sleep

There are people who use music to sleep. In these cases, it is recommended to listen to classical music at low volume. Also the sounds of the sea or nature help to relax. 

7. Physical activity before going to bed

Exercising before bed is proven to relax people. An exercised body naturally feels the fatigue that is required to rest.

The exception to this habit would be avoiding competitive sports before bed. The competition over stimulates the brain and leaves it on alert. This could lead to problems falling asleep and resting.   

Bad habits before going to sleep


To ensure a good night’s sleep, it is important to avoid bad habits. Restful sleep doesn’t come by itself. It requires good times before going to sleep.

  1. Use of electronic devices in bed. Both mobiles and computers overstimulate the brain. If its use is unavoidable, a good walk will clear the mind.
  1. Sleep with the TV. Exposure to images, colors, and sounds stimulate the brain. Sleeping with the TV on has the same effect as using electronic devices in bed.
  1. Consume stimulating drinks at night. Coffee, tea or chocolates should be avoided before sleeping. Its consumption can make it difficult to fall asleep.
  1. Review the agenda for the next day before bed. There are people who are used to reviewing their obligations while already in bed. Doing it minutes before sleeping can generate anguish and anxiety.

Follow the same routines every day at bedtime and you will see how your quality of rest improves. Remember that the body needs certain prompts to enter the relaxation phase.

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