The Best Stretching Exercises To Help You Lose Weight

Stretching not only helps prevent muscle aches and pains, but is an optimal way to complement weight loss exercises.

Did you know that there are some stretching exercises that can help you lose weight? Although many are not aware of this, stretching can contribute to reducing calories.  It all depends on the exercises that are performed.

Today we are going to discover some of the most effective and the variants they have. However, it is recommended that they are accompanied by some cardio, such as jogging or walking, so that losing weight is much more effective. Do you dare to try them?

For starters, there are no studies showing that just stretching can make the body slim. However, if you stretch at the same time as you do some exercises or physical activities, this does contribute to reducing ingested calories, therefore, you can lose weight.

An investigation carried out in 2007 stated that stretching is a common practice among athletes, coaches and athletes when it comes to strength training. They are recommended to avoid injuries and muscle aches, or even improve the performance of the muscles.

Let’s know more about these stretches!

Stretch the calves

Stretches that will help you lose weight

The first of the stretching exercises that can help you lose weight is stretching your calves. It is essential, above all, to avoid cramps. There are a wide variety of options for doing this stretch. Some of them are the following:

  • Take a stride forward.  You will take a big stride, keep your feet flat against the ground and your back straight. Bend the front leg until the calf is stretched. Do not lift the heel at any time, otherwise the stretch will be lost.
  • Foot in flex.  Sit with your legs straight and place your feet in flex , that is, instead of pointing them, you will pull the foot towards the leg until it is in a vertical position. You will notice how the calf stretches.

    Stretch your back

    This is another stretch that can help you lose weight. For this, there are also several options. Let’s look at some of the most effective:

    • The cobra : This posture is performed upside down, placing the hands at chest level and raising the trunk, while stretching the arms and looking up at the ceiling. Try to lower your pelvis to the floor and keep your shoulders relaxed.
    • Cow and Cat Pose : Standing in a doggy position with your shoulders relaxed will bring your back up, while squeezing your buttocks. Then do the opposite. Bring the head up and the buttocks are pushed out.

    Stretch the legs

    It is a type of stretch that has to do with the legs. In this case, you will also see some options that will help a lot in the goal of losing weight:

    • Half twist,  Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Fold one of them and cross it over the other, while trying to twist the body. If necessary, use one hand to apply pressure to the knee of the bent leg.
    • Lateral displacement.  Stand and stretch one leg to one side, while flexing the other. It has to be at a 90 degree angle. Make sure that the foot of the leg that is straight is resting on the ground.
    • Quadriceps.  Stand up, hold one foot with the hand and bring it to the gluteus. The further towards the gluteus it is brought, the greater the stretch.

    Stretch the arms

    Stretching exercises to help you lose weight

    The last of the stretches will be done in the arms. Here are some ways to do it:

    • Triceps  Standing, stretch your arms up and bend the elbow of one of them. Hold with the hand of the opposite arm and gently pull the elbow towards the head. Do the same with the other elbow.
    • Global arm lift.  This stretch consists of interlocking the hands, while the arms remain straight. Bring them up first, then to the front, and finally, clasp your hands behind your back and stretch.

    To conclude, an investigation carried out in 2004 showed that it is advisable to combine all physical activity with a good diet. This will give better results, decrease the chances of disease and optimize the quality of life.

    In the same vein, these stretches can be performed to enhance weight loss after training or activities such as walking. They work as a supplement, not a one-stop-shop way of exercising.

    Take it into account!

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