Start A New Relationship Without Ending The Previous One

Starting a new relationship without ending the old one (or closing one door to immediately open another) is not a good thing. It is clear that there are people who do well like this, but it does not always happen.

Is it about a new love that has arrived or is it rather a fear of loneliness? There are people who repeat this pattern of behavior and do not dare to let go without having a new company. 

In this article we will talk about how harmful this behavior can be. Let’s go deeper.

Is it possible to start a new relationship without ending with a partner first?

There are those who in a relationship crisis do not have the power to take the initiative to separate. They remain in an unhappy bond and believe that the only way out is for another love to appear.

Meeting someone else and putting your energy into that new crush is, momentarily, the ideal way out. Emotions intermingle in both relationships and there are likely to be various confusions.

Unconsciously, what happens is that you try to settle the previous “failure” with the changes that occur when you start a new relationship. In this context, expectations are bifurcated and emotional reality is covered and hidden.

Hide some personal fears

Without being able to assume the true feelings, the defense mechanism is to focus on a new relationship without ending the other. Keep in mind that a separation involves going through different stages, and it is preferable to do it alone.

In the first instance, a physical separation occurs, but balancing emotions again takes time. Especially a period of mourning to heal the wounds and prepare again for an interaction.

The fear of loneliness causes these types of people not to go through that time and hide their previous feelings with a new love. However, the most common is that there comes a time when there is an internal crisis necessary to heal.

Some consequences

Starting a new relationship without ending the old one can harm all parties and, in many cases, prevent relationships between them from continuing.

1. Becoming unfaithful

Starting a new relationship without ending the previous one can turn into infidelity

If there is no agreement between the two about the possibility of having other parallel adventures, he falls into infidelity. A betrayal of the trust of that being who has been loved for a long time and with whom one has a well-defined exclusive contract.

When they are alone with the new partner, they feel happy because they are enjoying the moment. However, when they return home to their home partner, feelings of guilt appear.

Being unfaithful is starting to live in hiding, starting to lie and not valuing anyone the way they deserve it.

2. Difficulties with self-esteem

While they feel calmer and more loved when they receive expressions of affection from their lover, they also have doubts. The current life they lead changes their priorities and the change can be fatal.

They feel that they have become a person they never wanted to be, disloyal and insecure. Their values ​​are deeply touched and they are not comfortable with the idea of ​​hurting others.

Likewise, it is very likely that they will take  responsibility for the suffering of both couples by sharing their love.

3. Stress increases

Starting a new relationship without ending the old one can cause stress

Sometimes it is difficult to lead a quiet life in a relationship, so you can imagine having two.

The truth is that on some occasion  the new romance will also pose its difficulties. This translates into more confrontations, tears and pressures that are added to those already present.

Far from being happy, the stress of a parallel life will cruelly affect your whole being. Also, all social and work interactions may be impaired.

Will every new relationship that starts without ending the previous one be a failure?

Starting a new relationship without ending the old one can be a failure

Each situation is particular and different. Similarly, it is advisable to go through a breakup in a healthy way and take time for yourself. Get to know each other again, give yourself some tastes and enjoy your own space and time.

Slowly calming that anguish that a separation generates to be well prepared for a future love story is the easiest way to overcome a breakup and prepare again for love. Facing your own fears allows an interesting emotional growth for other challenges.

In addition, it is a way of showing that one is a person of integrity who chooses the truth as a shield. Thus, each person is given the value they have.

Relationships can be difficult and complicated. Breakups and loneliness can be very hurtful, but starting a new relationship without ending the old one can cause even more pain and anguish. It is best to give yourself time to heal before you find someone else.

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