Sometimes All We Need Is A Hug That Wraps Around Our Soul

A hug is an expression of affection, appreciation, affection and approval. It is an “everything is fine” and an “I am with you” that each of us needs to feel often.

On this occasion, we want to delve into the value of practicing these expressions of affection regularly. These go beyond a simple contact of our bodies, to put a heart against another heart. It is offering reciprocity and wrapping the soul.

Are you one of those who gives a daily hug to your loved ones? Let’s reflect.

The hugs that repair and alleviate fears

We will start by talking about those hugs that have the ability to solve problems almost without the need for words. Surely you too will have more than one experience in which, after an argument with your children or your partner, you no longer know what to do.

Often, many differences arise in our day to day with ours where words are loaded with tension. We reach a point where the mind can no longer think. However, the sensations remain, the emotion that we love that person and that it “hurts” not to reach a solution.

Something as simple as giving a hug can immediately ease all tension, all feelings of stress and despair. Suddenly, everything fits: our bodies, our emotions and affections.

Young couple happy and embracing.

Another fact to take into account is that in couple relationships it is very common to go through those times when we have doubts, fears, worries …

Times when we really need a hug

  • There are times when the couple’s relationship falls into a routine. Every day is the same, and somehow we lose that old magic. And that is the moment when doubts appear.
  • We start to have fears, we wonder if our partners will continue to love us, if they will continue to desire us and if the relationship will continue to maintain its usual strength.
    • That is when the need to demonstrate authenticity arises. There are days when that “of course everything is fine” is not enough , “of course I still love you, what thoughts do you have” . We don’t want words, we need facts. And nothing better than a long, silent hug.

    Keep in mind that there are hugs and hugs. When it is offered to us, we  must perceive that it is authentic, felt and real. It is then when fears evaporate, when the entire universe is organized and everything acquires great significance.

    What unites us with what we love the most is a hug

    The best hug is the one that comes when it is needed. When we find that expression that defines who is part of our life and our heart.

    • Often times, street experiments are carried out where an anonymous person “gives hugs”. It is something positive that offers closeness. However, the real hugs, the most therapeutic hugs, are those that come from the people we love.
      • If a hug unites us to the world, it is because it comes from someone who is significant to us. Let’s think, for example, what would happen to children if they didn’t have that constant physical contact, those caresses, those good morning and good night hugs.
      • A hug is the way we recognize the person, the child or the old person to give them roots. You are part of me and I recognize you, I love you and I wrap you in my arms because you are part of my soul.
      • Nothing can offer as much relief as a hug that comes in due time and is offered sincerely. The heart ignites, self-esteem is strengthened and we can have a pleasant sensation.

      It is a hug that unites the family.

      Let’s hug, let’s not always wait for the other

      Sometimes, people complain that children or our partners are somewhat “dry.” They seem not to need such displays of affection, and even shy away from us.

      Don’t worry, it’s part of his personality. On the contrary, the fact that they do not offer them does not mean that they do not need them or do not appreciate them. There are personalities who do not find this emotional expressiveness easy and do not dare, do not look up to it.

      • For their part, children, when they reach an age, associate hugs with those samples that return them to their childhood days, when they now fight for their independence.
      • Do not worry, do not get angry with them or think that they do not love you. Believe it or not, a sudden, furtive and intense hug will always bring a smile and a blush to their cheeks.

      We all need a daily hug, or a sporadic hug to strengthen ties. With this we remember a “I am here, with you and I will never stop loving you, you are the best of my life.”

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