Setting An Example Is The Best Way To Educate

We cannot forget that our children are like sponges that repeat everything they see. Therefore, to educate them in the best way, we must set an example with our actions

Setting an example is very important to avoid confrontations, arguments and a series of problems that are manifested as a result of this parental incoherence.

How many times have we wanted our children to do things in a certain way, but we don’t lead by example?

If we do not do what we ask or demand, it is very likely that the teachings will not come to fruition.

All this is the result of something that always happens in all families: children pay attention and pay attention to everything their parents do.

Do the words are gone with the wind

Saying “don’t put your feet on the table” or “throw your papers in the trash, not on the floor” is easy. However, the difficult thing is to set an example.

If one of the parents puts their feet on the table, the child will not understand why he is told a thing when the one who orders it does exactly the opposite.

It is then that the child will rebel, will do the same as that parent. As a consequence, there will be a series of anger, arguments, tantrums and some phrases that are quite curious.

  • For example, when the child reproaches his parents “why can’t I put my feet on the table if you are doing it?”, One of the parents will say the famous phrase “because I said so, period.

Do we really think this is going to work? A statement so dictatorial, so unfair and so incoherent will never have the results we want to see.

Without realizing it, we are the ones who cause fights in our home that could be avoided without any doubt.

However, the responsibilities and the number of tasks we have in mind prevent us from being aware of how simple things can be.

Somehow the anger with the boss or the frustration with the partner has to come out. Who pays for it? The smallest of the home, who is not at fault.

Incoherence: a bomb in adolescence

If the little ones can already begin to rebel against these signs of incoherence present in the family environment, everything becomes complicated in the adolescence stage.

This is where patience should be essential and where the “because I say so” will have a much stronger impact on children.

We cannot demand what we do not do. Setting an example is the best way to educate, not commanding, ordering, asking, claiming and all this because we are parents.

Parents are people, children too. Of course, the former have an authority, but they must learn to put it on the table in the proper way.

If setting an example is not something that is considered a priority, we will be losing that authority that we want to claim based on shouts, threats and anger that make the house a mess.

In a stage like adolescence, stability is required, large doses of love and understanding, and not shouting or absurd words.

So we will only be promoting:

  • Hatred;
  • Negative emotions;
  • The total lack of respect of the children towards ourselves.

Let’s not get on the same level

When a parent screams, he becomes upset and begins to argue with his son as if he were the same age, he loses all his authority.

Setting an example is not getting carried away by those emotions that urge you to do the easy thing:

  • Raise your voice
  • Command and demand
  • Say “because I am your father and you have to obey me.

Putting yourself on the same level as your children will make things worse. But, of course, to avoid this, you have to start by setting an example.

There are many responsibilities, money problems, concern for the future of the children. However, something very important should never be overlooked: show them the love we have for them.

Because, sometimes, the day to day is a compendium of shouting and arguing that doesn’t really make sense. Where is love then? And understanding?

Conclusion: set an example

We must strive to be better every day and to learn from those mistakes that we can visualize thanks to our own children. It will be then when we are going on a good path.

Working to be the best version of ourselves will make the little ones follow this teaching with little effort.

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