Not Crying Will Hurt You More

Even if we think that not crying is a sign of strength, you have to be brave to let your worries out. In addition, as we will see below, crying produces a feeling of relief that will help you move on.

Not crying makes you feel brave by being able to hold back those tears that try to come out no matter what. You think that by turning your back on them, everything will be solved. However, therein lies the real problem. When we are little, we cry about almost everything. However, as we grow older, these moments of discouragement are much less frequent.

We tend to believe that crying shows us as someone weak, as a person who does not know how to contain himself, who is not able to control his feelings. However, these kinds of thoughts are very harmful.

In fact, as the first studies on the subject carried out a couple of decades ago explained, after crying, positive thoughts and the relief of pain increase.

Not crying will make everything worse

Not crying can cause constant sadness.

Even if you do not allow that natural physical reaction to come out, your soul will be crying and needs you to express the pain that is in you. Like wounds bleed, when the heart is hurting, we cry.

In this way, everything that we have to download emotionally is repressed. And although we do not express it to the outside, inside a battle is being wrought that we do not want to face.

At first, the body tries to alert us through physical pain. A terrible headache, an upset stomach, discomfort in a member … According to a study published by Plos One , the relationship between emotional distress and physical pain has been empirically proven, although the reasons for this link are unknown.

After the physical symptoms, the energy disappears and the illusion fades, as if it were a candle. The suffering withheld is making us more taciturn, gloomy, sadder, and it becomes increasingly difficult to express it.

That is why it is important not to wait so long. Not crying is not beneficial. Crying frees us from inner suffering.

Recognize and express your feelings

Positive and negative emotions are necessary. We don’t have to feel unhappy because we are sad. This emotion allows us to value its antagonism, joy.

We make a mistake by not crying but, above all, by not trying to recognize emotions. We want to deny them with such force that we ignore them.

We prefer to hide our heads, put everything we feel in a safe and keep it inside us, without any possibility of letting it out. Isn’t this a way to self-destruct?

It is essential to observe emotions, whether they make us feel good or bad, and express them. You can do it by talking, crying, yelling, running… whatever, but take them outside.

Regarding the importance of expressing emotions, a study published by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin  affirms that the simple fact of putting them in writing – either on paper or through a digital device – allows a person to adapt and respond better to stressful stimuli.

The best pain reliever

Not crying can prevent certain stages from being passed.

Not crying will prevent you from discovering the best pain reliever for all your suffering. You don’t need pills or any kind of medicine to relieve that headache.

Tears allow the stress and pain that we retain to come out, to be released, and that will make us feel much better. Take out all the frustration, resentment, anger, anxiety, and stormy thoughts… let them flow!

The scientific research mentioned above confirms this feeling of relief after crying. There are even still many studies in progress to fully understand the effects of crying ; For now, it is clear that it has a positive effect on many people.

Not crying is forcing you to repress your emotions

Crying and expressing what is going on inside can be exhausting, but it is very relaxing. You will have a colored face and puffy eyes, but your soul will be at peace.

That well-being will help you start over, make the best decisions, and move on. The next time you are faced with a painful situation, remember that not crying prevents you from having the opportunity to solve what today has erased your smile.

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