Love Is Needed In Our Relationship

It is hard to open your eyes to a reality that sometimes subjects couples to a relationship in which love is needed. A feeling that was present at first but that, little by little, has been disappearing.

The different experiences of each one, mutual coexistence, shared experiences, problems and many other conditions can help us understand it. Thus, there are multiple factors that positively or negatively influence the affective bond that we are cultivating.

But how to realize this lack? Are there any clues that help us detect it? Below we discuss certain keys that are common in these kinds of circumstances. If you want to know them, we will tell you.

How to know if love is needed in our relationship?

In the early stages of a relationship we feel so in love that we are blind. Everything seems fine to us, we see no defects and we go like in a cloud.

But, with the passage of time, these bandages that cover our eyes begin to fall. It is then that we begin to discover certain details that we dislike.

When this happens, we may think that we do not know who we have noticed or that the other person has been transformed. Nothing could be further from reality: we are the ones who have changed ; specifically, the way we had to observe the other.

This is a process that becomes natural as part of the relationship. However, the difficulty occurs when what we perceive does not fit in any way with our own values ​​or with what we want in an experience of this type.

Perhaps, then, it is time to stop at certain questions that will allow us to analyze what is happening.

Destructive criticism appears

Although the initial desire stage has passed, there are other aspects that often motivate couples to stay together. There is still attraction, trust is nurtured and, above all, the partner is accepted as he is.

However, when we only see what we dislike and the feeling of discomfort is constant, criticism of the other does not take long. If these, in addition, are expressed in a destructive way, the damages become irreparable.

If such a situation continues without a hint of improvement, these behaviors are likely to be clear signs of a lack of love in the relationship.

Poor communication also indicates that love is needed in the relationship

Perhaps you’ve ever wondered how certain couples don’t talk to each other about their deepest concerns. These are cases in which superficial communication is maintained, without addressing some important topics or without sharing a while to chat calmly about how the day has gone.

couple who do not speak

This habit ends up distancing both members, hindering any common project and opportunities to get closer to each other. Thus, if neither of us shows greater interest in changing this dynamic, perhaps we are facing one more example of a lack of love.

Mutual trust is lost

When intimate conversations diminish, the initial bond of trust also begins to deteriorate. The tranquility that gave us the possibility of having the other, that union that was nourished by the daily exchange ends up being equally affected.

However, if the person we had chosen as a romantic partner ceases to be the closest accomplice, the absence of affection may be a plausible explanation for this.

When love ends

Appearances are not everything. There are couples who are still together for reasons other than love. However, accepting it is difficult at times. But negative reviews, poor communication, or a loss of trust have been installed in the relationship.

In fact, we often do not know when such attitudes are born. Therefore, it is important to try to detect them and put the means to solve the problems. And, if despite everything, the feelings are already others, to what extent is this situation worth it?

Perhaps that infatuation had an expiration date and after him only affection remains …


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