I Want To Start Living Without Fear

I want to dare to do crazy things, to get rid of everything that has hurt me so much. I want to start living without fear. I want to start over, taking risks, stepping on my fears while learning from my mistakes.

Many people live their entire lives with a terrible fear of doing various things that they would like to do. This causes them a lot of anxiety and frustration. It is as if they have a slab on top of them that prevents them from walking forward.

Negative experiences from my past

Who doesn’t have an experience that they wish they could forget? Unfortunately, some of them mark us so much that it is very difficult to get rid of them. They become, then, a very heavy backpack that we drag.

This happens when we are not able to overcome what happened. We find ourselves anchored in the past. Any situation that resembles that terrible experience will provoke an escape reaction.

How can I start? How to get, again, to move forward without the present being influenced by the past?

  • Accept what happened: Many more people have experienced the same thing as you and they have moved on. It doesn’t matter how serious the situation is. If you admit what happened to you, you will have already taken a big step.
  • Learn from what has hurt you : Every negative circumstance always has something positive. This way you will be able to advance a little more.
  • It will not always happen in the same way: Imagine that your partner was unfaithful and you do not dare to immerse yourself in a new relationship because you are afraid that the same thing will happen. Things don’t have to happen again.
  • Look Ahead: Leave the past behind. Every time it appears, ignore it. You have learned, you have accepted it and you are willing to live new experiences.

There will be many positives and others negatives. Both will make you a stronger person.

Live without fear of “what ifs …”

Some of our greatest fears stem not from past circumstances, but from the unpredictable future that awaits us from now on.

There are people who do not stop assuming what can happen if they say this and that, if they act in a certain way, if they make a certain decision … All these assumptions hold you back and prevent you from risking to carry out what you want so much.

For example, think that you want to start a business on your own. You have everything going for you. You just need to get going so that everything starts moving. What are you waiting for?

suspension bridge

The “what ifs” appear and everything collapses. What if everything goes wrong? Do I have the skills required for this to go well? What if I ruin the company?

All of this is preventing you from doing what you want now. Things can go right or wrong. However, if you stand still, you will never know.

Believe in yourself

Most of our fears arise because of our self-esteem. The lower it is, the stronger our fear will become.

That is why it is very important to trust ourselves, not to be afraid of making mistakes, stumbling and failing. Things don’t always go well, but the important thing is to take risks.

Our doubts and bad thoughts are only resources that put us to the test. Because it is normal to be afraid of novelty. It is also common to feel fear of what we already once experienced.

However, fall and get up, stumble and walk again. If you love a person, do not let them go because in the past they hurt you and you have stopped believing in others.

Why not start up this new project again? Just because it was a disaster before doesn’t mean you can’t try again. Maybe this time everything will work out. You can learn to live without fear.

Being afraid is normal, so if you want to do something and you are afraid, do it anyway. Do not let this sense of anguish that can have various origins block you. It is in your hands to leave all this behind and start living without fear.

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