How To Recover Natural Hair Color

Many times we want to change our look. One of the most common ways to do it is by applying a dye to our hair to look totally different. Sometimes after applying it we feel that we can no longer stop. We spend months, years and even decades applying dyes to our hair to achieve a tone that flatters our image. In other cases, we simply apply it and realize that it does not favor us as much as we thought.

Whatever your case, there may be a time when we want to regain the natural tone of our hair. However, we know that the task can be quite complicated.

Hair that has been subjected to drastic color changes, layers of dyes and strong bleaching processes is very difficult to treat to regain its natural color. To this we must add that the use of chemicals can dry out and take life out of hair. Consequently, we have a long process to recover the beauty of our hair. Would you like to know how to recover the natural color of your hair?


Here are some tips to achieve it in the simplest and most natural way.

Cut your hair

The first step to regain your natural hair color is to get rid of split ends and damaged hair. Dyeing and bleaching make hair more brittle and prone to dryness. These damages can prevent the correct hydration of the same. For this reason, we recommend cutting at least two inches of damaged hair. In case of more serious damage, although it seems very sad to us, it is recommended to cut a little more.

Choose semi-permanent dyes


If you are not sure of the look you will get with a dye of a different shade than your hair, you can opt for the use of semi-permanent dyes. These dyes generally have less impact, work well, and best of all, wash off with every wash. In this way, in a matter of days you will notice how the tone of your hair is naturally restored. They are also recommended because they can reduce the impact of permanent dyes. This is because they help to eliminate the previous dye.

For dark tints

There is no doubt that black dye is the most difficult to remove, especially on blonde or light brown hair. To regain your natural tone, you have to do it gradually and with great patience. For example, you can start by going from dark brown to dark brown. Then it changes to medium brown and so on until it reaches the natural color.

Dye it your natural color

Using semi-permanent dyes of our hair color

After cutting, and when your hair has grown at least 2 centimeters, dye it with your natural color. To do this, it is best to use a semi-permanent dye. It is necessary that you let the hair grow so that the color matches the tone of the roots and the ends are healthy to receive a new chemical intervention.

Use color remover

As we said earlier, black or very dark tints are the most difficult to remove. The task is complicated, especially when applied to hair that is too light. In this case, another solution is to use a color remover, which offers faster results. But this process involves the use of harsh chemicals that can weaken and seriously affect the health of the hair. For this reason it is recommended to leave it as the last option.

However, if you do, apply a good mask that deeply hydrates the hair. Then use coconut or olive oil.

Homemade tricks to restore natural hair color

Tired of using harsh chemicals on your hair, but still want to speed up the process a bit to regain your natural tone? These two homemade tricks are a good alternative to obtain faster results. Obviously, the results are slower than chemical ones, but being natural they have no side effects and can be very helpful .


  • The first consists of crushing 5 vitamin C tablets. Then, dissolve them in a little water until they form a paste. Once it is ready, it is applied directly to the dyed hair and it is left to act for an hour. Finally it is rinsed off with shampoo and conditioner as usual. However, there are no scientific studies that provide evidence for this.
  • The next trick is pretty straightforward. It involves adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the shampoo and washing your hair normally. You will start to notice the results after a month and, in addition, you will notice that it looks healthier. As in the previous case, there is also no recent scientific evidence to ensure that this is true.

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