How To Prevent Premature Gray Hair

Gray hair is not just an aesthetic issue, especially when it appears at premature ages. They are a signal from our body to warn us of an accumulation of toxins in that part of the body, located next to the brain area. Because of this, it is necessary to prevent premature graying.

Discover in this article what factors are due to its appearance and with what foods, nutrients and natural remedies you can avoid them and improve your general health. Take note!

Lack of copper

A copper deficiency can contribute to the premature appearance of gray hair. Therefore, we must consume foods rich in this mineral on a daily basis.

Nuts, oats, brown rice or legumes can be great allies. Likewise, mushrooms, cocoa, avocado or potato contain significant amounts of copper, as well as shellfish.

We can also solve this deficit by taking the trace element copper. Normally, we will take it for three months. Now, remember to consult your doctor in case of consuming it, if you think that complications may occur.

Excess salt

Another factor that influences the appearance of premature gray hair is the excessive consumption of salt and salty foods. We recommend avoiding table salt and precooked foods, as well as French fries, cheeses …

If we touch it, it should move easily. However, most people have it stiff, which makes it difficult for the blood to flow.

To avoid this, we will massage the entire scalp daily in the form of small circles, dragging it more than rubbing it. After a few minutes we will notice how it is more flexible, giving it a pleasant sensation or tingling.

Manual reflexology

Another surprising exercise that could help us, in certain cases, prevent the appearance of premature gray hair and even recover the color has to do with the reflex area of ​​the hair in the hands, which is located on the nails.

We will put the nails of each hand together, except the thumb, and we will rub them for a few minutes. When stopping we will have to notice a tickling in the nails.

This exercise must be practiced for several months to notice results. Now, if we do it together with the other advice we have given, we can notice a significant improvement.

Other tips

If you still find our proposals insufficient to solve your problem with premature gray hair, then you should pay attention to these recommendations and warnings:

  • There are other factors that influence the appearance of gray hair, such as stress and negative emotional states, such as sadness. It is important to treat them in the most natural way possible to improve our hair and general health.
  • Conventional shampoos usually contain very aggressive ingredients for our scalp. We recommend opting for natural and ecological shampoos and avoiding aggressive products such as lacquers, gels, etc.
  • We can dye our hair naturally with henna, a clay that will provide minerals and vitamins to our hair, in addition to leaving it strong and luminous.

What are you waiting for to put these useful tips into practice? If you combine them in the right way, you will see how you can help prevent premature graying. It’s just a matter of a little perseverance!

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