How To Make Vegetables Taste Better?

One of the most common problems when following a diet is flavoring vegetables better. The reason is that, no matter how good will we have, vegetables are foods that lack great flavor and this can cause us not to introduce them as much in our diet.

However, we must be clear that vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and provide very small amounts of calories.

Today you will discover some basic and easy-to-follow tips that will help you include more vegetables in your meals in a natural and appetizing way.

Find out what vegetables you like and why

The first step to flavoring vegetables better is identifying the ones you like and the reasons why you like them.

Variety of vegetables

Knowing the textures, flavors, aromas and sensations that we like will allow us to look for other similar options or try to reproduce those characteristics in other vegetables.

Also, it is important to try the same vegetable prepared differently and several times. This is because people need to try a food ten times to get used to the taste and like it.

If we add to this different forms of presentation, we may find that some modalities are more pleasant than others.

Different ways of eating vegetables

To give the vegetables better flavor, there is nothing like varying their presentation, as we have already pointed out. Otherwise they become monotonous and undesirable. Some of the options for eating vegetables are as follows.


This is one of the most common presentations and can be ideal for preparing salads. Some tips that we can take into account are the following:

  • Add different herbs to the vegetables.
  • Try using spices to vary its flavor.

For this you can use any option that we have at hand. We can try ginger, fennel, spearmint and a host of other herbs and spices that we surely have in our home.

Spinach salad


This is a fairly simple option and in which any mix works. However, we must take into account some tips:

  • It is advisable to sauté vegetables of different colors and textures to enrich the supply of vitamins.
  • To give different flavors, you can experiment with the use of different oils (toasted sesame, avocado, etc.).
  • Also, spices or seasonings (soy sauce, garlic, fine herb mix, etc.) can be used.

    The idea is to try and find out which mixes of flavors attract us the most. We sure love some of them.


    Another ideal option to give your vegetables better flavor is to try roasting them. This is very easy to do and we can find some interesting flavors for our palate.

    This option is ideal to give a new touch to those quite solid vegetables that we may no longer know how to add to our diet, such as broccoli or cauliflower.

    Once the vegetables are roasted, they can be accompanied with some sweet or savory dressings.

    Eating vegetables, an experience

    Magnesium-rich foods

    Giving vegetables better flavor is not impossible. We can even spend hours experimenting with new ways of cooking, creating new dishes or simply getting to know the flavor of each vegetable in its various presentations.

    This will not only allow us to discover new ways of cooking vegetables and new preparations, but it will increase our curiosity and make us introduce them more and more into our dishes.

    Surely, up to this point, we had ignored all the spices, condiments, sauces and dressings that we can have at home or find in a supermarket and we did not know what they were for. Now we have the answer.

    We hope that you will be able to give the vegetables a better flavor and that you will find those preparations that you like the most and that you love. Remember that even if you don’t like broccoli at first, for example, if you take the time to try different preparations, you might end up loving it.

    Don’t reject a vegetable from the beginning. There are many from which you can choose and many spices and sauces that you can use to make them a really delicious food.

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