How To Give Volume To Your Legs And Hips

On the internet we see tips to lose weight and reduce fat all the time. However, there is not as much information for those who want the opposite effect. For example, if you are too thin, you will want to add volume to your legs and hips.

It is not an impossible mission! Discover in this article how to achieve it in a healthy and effective way.

Having a slim body is no blessing

Surely when you get together with your friends they tell you “but how lucky you are, how are you so thin, I would like to have your body …”. And you think “well, I’ll change it”.

Beyond fashion trends, the important thing is that a very skeletal body is not healthy and that is what you have to care about. However, sometimes the metabolism is already set up in a way. Therefore, it does not matter how much or what you eat: you do not gain a gram.

Do you feel that your hips or legs are very thin and would you like them to be more striking or voluptuous? Don’t worry, everything has a solution. You will find the right balance between beauty and health.

Excessive thinness

Second, there are different types of thinness and many causes why a woman may be underweight. Some factors are:

  • An inadequate diet.
  • Stress.
  • The Depression.
  • The Heritage.
  • Do lots of activities.
  • Too much exercise
  • An illness.

In the latter case, you must visit a doctor and make the corresponding consultation. In addition, you can follow the tips that we will give you below. However, it will always be good to discuss it with a specialist.

Finally, remember that to gain weight you don’t just have to eat and eat (and keep eating). You should also eat better.

Repeating many times does not guarantee you gain weight. Or maybe yes, but not in the right way. You will get more stomach and waist but you will be malnourished, in a bad mood, with hair, skin and nails in poor condition, etc.

Is there a secret to gaining weight?

Of course, as with those women who want to lower it. In the first place, the key, when the thinness is due to a poor diet, is to increase the amount of calories, but not food.

You may not have much of an appetite, or you may feel satisfied as soon as you start eating. So if you choose foods that give you more calories in fewer bites, you can meet your goal.

A more nutritious diet

Do not hesitate, in turn, to include natural nutritional supplements and good foods from breakfast time. Start changing your metabolism early in the morning.

Do not skip the first meal of the day, as it is vital for you to feel energized the whole day. However, it is not about eating a yogurt before going to work (or eating on the trip). You must sit down to breakfast properly.

Breakfasts to increase legs and hips

What foods to choose for breakfast?

Surely you know or have heard of the ‘continental breakfast’ that is served in hotels. Well, something similar, but in your house. To start, add calories by consuming:

  • Oatmeal.
  • Walnuts.
  • Amaranth.
  • Almonds
  • Peanuts
  • Pistachios
  • Soy milk
  • Pollen.
  • Fruit.

What can I eat for lunch?

The second important meal of the day has to have a good amount of protein and essential oils. For example:

  • Fresh vegetables.
  • Germinated.
  • Seaweed.
  • Blue fish (salmon, tuna).
  • Soy milk

Lunches to increase the legs and buttocks

And for the snack?

Well, this is not about repeating what you ate for breakfast, but not about staying hungry until dinner time. So, you can eat:

  • Tofu.
  • Wholemeal bread.
  • Nuts.
  • Honey bee.

Do I still have dinner?

First of all, dinner has to be balanced. However, it is not a matter of eating everything that you have not eaten during the day. In this case, consume:

  • Red meat
  • Pasta.
  • Cooked vegetables.
  • Fresh fruit.

All that? All together? And so how do I do? Well, you should start small and increase the portions and quantities. Also, at first you may not be able to eat more than what you are used to. However, later it will be easier.

I’m sorry to tell you that it is not the only thing you have to ingest every day. You should also stick to two infusions between meals. However, it can be only one, do not be overwhelmed. The important thing is that at that moment you consume one of these options:

  • Chamomile infusion.
  • Orange blossom tea.
  • Passionflower tea.
  • Apple.
  • Orange.
  • Cereal bar.
  • Yoghurt.

Infusions to increase legs and buttocks

And don’t miss out on exercise!

Contrary to popular belief, doing sports not only helps you lose weight and have Schwarzenegger muscles in their prime. It is also good to give volume to your legs and hips, what you want to achieve and that is why you read this article.

Finally, exercising helps:

  • Increase appetite
  • Invigorate all your systems.
  • Strengthen muscles.
  • Allow nutrients to be distributed throughout the body.
  • Lift your spirits.
  • Eliminate depression and anxiety.
  • Give volume to your legs and hips.

You don’t need any more reasons to start exercising, do you? The important thing is that you take the first step, commit yourself and be constant. Otherwise, the results will never come, you will get frustrated and it will be a vicious cycle.

Instead of going to the gym, you may prefer other types of exercise such as swimming, running, dancing, or walking. Everything is welcome!


Finally, to increase the volume of the legs and hips, you can lift a little weights. You can also do squats or rock climbers, take the stairs, or ride a bike. In addition, cleaning your house thoroughly is an excellent alternative.

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