How To Get Over The Embarrassment Of Signing Up For Dance Classes

Joining dance classes is a decision that provokes opposite feelings. On the one hand, there is the enthusiasm of doing a very pleasant activity, which is healthy for the body and for the spirit. However, on the other hand, there is the shame of showing up on the first day.

Fear of what they will say should not be allowed to prevent you from participating in these activities. You need to put some strategies in place to overcome the shame brake.

What causes embarrassment when signing up for dance classes?

Generally, prejudices and the habit of living according to appearances are the main culprits. There are people who have always lived pending the opinion of others. They have been dominated by those opinions and they have lost many situations that they would have liked to enjoy.

  • When starting to attend dance classes, the person imagines that they do not dance well. She feels criticized by others who already know the steps and figures.
  • He assumes that he will be the center of all eyes and that his mistakes will be made fun of and he is ashamed just imagining it.

    Overcome fear

    Dance and sing

    It is not easy to overcome those fears and cheer up. If you do not act to achieve it, the shame will triumph and the person will abandon their idea of ​​signing up for dance classes.

    • It is necessary to understand that the causes of these fears are in the mind itself. They do not depend on others, but on the attitude that is assumed.
    • The problem is exacerbated if the person is shy and insecure. Working with the idea that shame contributes nothing and prevents you from enjoying life is a beginning.

    Trying to convince yourself that others’ judgment is really someone else’s business will strengthen your spirits.

    Ideas to overcome the embarrassment of joining dance classes

    Dance style option

    To begin with, it is good to decide what type of dance the person who has decided to join dance classes prefers.

    Hip hop, jazz, contemporary dance, ballroom dance? Choosing one and concentrating your efforts on the one you like the most will make things easier.

    Start accompanied

    If the person cannot decide to sign up for dance classes alone, a good strategy is to find someone to accompany us to burn calories dancing.

    You don’t have to be a partner or act like one. The only important thing is that this company also enjoys the occasion. Surely, if both people support each other in those first moments, they will overcome the fear.

    Choice of location

    Small group integration is always easier. The first time the person decides to sign up for dance classes, they should choose places where there are small groups.

    Sometimes it’s just a matter of choosing times when few people go. It is also advisable that the ages of the other attendees do not differ too much from yours.

    Set achievable goals

    Why dancing helps you stay in shape

    Setting small goals is key. It is not possible to learn to dance perfectly in the first class.

    If that were the expectation, the frustration would cause the abandonment of the activity. Developing a progress plan with the teacher and focusing each day on one achievement will increase self-esteem and confidence.

    Prepare free steps

    In dance academies, times are often set aside for the apprentice to dance freely. Sometimes this is embarrassing, as the frightened person cannot improvise.

    The solution is to learn a short routine at home, which can be copied from the internet, to repeat in those instances. Little by little, as you progress, creativity will emerge.

    Try to look safe

    If the person is concerned about how others see them, they should try to appear confident, even if they are not.

    Dancing with your body spread out, keeping your head up and your back straight will make you look confident. The uplifted look and the happy smile will help you feel better.

    Practice at home


    After the first class, practicing what you have learned at home will provide security to face the next session. Practice in front of the mirror will allow you to see your body posture and attitude when dancing. It will be time to correct those aspects that are not good.

    It is only necessary to pass the first two classes without being defeated. Achieving it is a challenge that will produce satisfaction.

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