Home Remedies To Relieve Eye Inflammation Due To Fatigue

In addition to taking advantage of the properties of some home remedies, to relieve eye inflammation and fatigue it is very important to improve your diet, as well as perform specific exercises for eyes.

One form of eye inflammation is uveitis, which affects the uvea, that is, the middle layer of tissue in the eye wall. This makes the sclera – the whites of the eyes – look very red and in turn experience various discomforts.

The causes of this problem do not lie in a bad night’s sleep, a high level of stress or in the consumption of alcohol or tobacco. Mayo Clinic experts indicate that they actually reside in an infection, injury, or an autoimmune or inflammatory disease (such as Crohn’s disease). Also, it is common that the exact cause cannot be identified.

It is essential to treat it properly in time to avoid complications. On this, experts note the following:

  • When uveitis or eye inflammation occurs as a consequence of a pre-existing disease, the treatment will focus mainly on this.
  • There are several treatment options available to combat inflammation: eye drops, pills, corticosteroid injections, among other medications.

    Home remedies to relieve inflammation

    According to popular wisdom, there are several home remedies to relieve inflammation that, if authorized by your doctor, could be exploited. We will discuss them in greater detail below.

    Blue eyes.

    Cucumber slices

    • To do it correctly we have to have free time to relax and lie down.
    • Place a few cucumber slices in each eye and let it act for 10 minutes or until the cucumber is hot.

    Use cold milk

    To get the best results you have to dip two cotton balls or two pads in cold milk until they are well soaked.

    • In the same way as with the cucumber, find a hole in your schedule and a relaxed area of ​​your house.
    • Apply the cotton to the eyes and leave it on for 15 minutes before washing the face with fresh water.

    Tea bags and olive oil

    After preparing the tea for breakfast or the infusion after eating, do not throw away the tea bags. Store your tea bags in the fridge for a couple of hours until they are very cold.

    • Massage your eyelids with a few drops of olive oil and then place the tea bags on your eyelids to relieve eye inflammation.
    • Stay relaxed for at least 10 minutes. Feel the freshness and aroma of the tea that will gradually increase your state of relaxation.

    Don’t forget to drink enough fluids

    As when we suffer fluid retention we have to drink more water, in this case the same thing happens. We must remember to drink a minimum of 8 glasses or two liters of water.

    Hydration is very important and essential to maintain good health in the body. This helps us to keep the body hydrated, and in this case, to keep our eyes relaxed and in perfect condition, thus giving us a good appearance.

    Strawberry slices

    In the same way as cucumber slices, when it is time for strawberries, do not hesitate to store some in the refrigerator so that they are always fresh.

    • Cut a couple of slices, place them on the eyelids and let them act for at least 10 minutes.
    • Afterwards, clean the face with plenty of water and apply a moisturizer.

    Moisturizers and face creams

    Face cream

    If you are used to taking care of your face with face creams or moisturizers, a good trick is to keep them in the fridge so that each time you use them they are fresh and give you other qualities.

    Not only will you nourish your skin but it will also help relieve eye inflammation. Check if you can put them in the fridge before putting them in, because some brands don’t allow it.

    Other factors that you should take into account

    A shortage of a nutrient known as biotin can cause dry eyes, conjunctivitis, and other conditions. Biotin is found in nuts, oats, bananas, dried fruit, carrots, ham, and avocado. Therefore, if you notice that you have dryness or are prone to conjunctivitis, increase your intake of these foods.

    On the other hand, vitamin D is also very important for eye health. We find it in blue fish, mushrooms, cereals or eggs. You can also increase the intake of these types of foods to avoid possible conditions in the future.

    Although the advice we have given you is all based on natural products and is harmless, each person has a special sensitivity. For this reason, we advise you to do a test on another area of ​​the skin  before applying them to rule out allergies or the like.

    Eye inflammation can be due to many things, from fatigue after a hard day at work, genetic inheritance or some pathology such as dry eyes or conjunctivitis. Try these natural treatments if your doctor authorizes it and follow their instructions so that your eyes are relieved.

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