Foods That Could Relieve Urine Infection

Urinary tract infection is a disease of the urinary system that affects women to a greater extent. It is usually annoying and painful and, in addition to irritability, it can cause insomnia and even the need to limit some of the daily activities.

For the treatment of conditions like these, of course you should never act without a prescription. For this reason, at the slightest suspicion of suffering from cystitis, visit your trusted doctor.

Now, experts in natural medicine argue that including some foods in our diet could be beneficial both to prevent this disease and to alleviate its symptoms. Here we tell you everything about these supposed natural remedies and whether or not they have a scientific basis.

What are the causes of urine infection?

The kidneys are responsible for cleaning the blood and then deposit the toxins in the bladder so that, later, they are expelled through the urine. However, on occasions, factors related to age, pregnancy, menopause, some contraceptives, prostatitis and diseases such as diabetes or physical disorders of the urinary tract can cause the appearance of bacteria.

When bacteria settle in the urinary tract, it can cause an obstruction that could lead to the appearance of the famous and dreaded cystitis.

Symptoms of cystitis

According to data from the United States National Library of Medicine, the signs that could indicate a urine infection would be the following:

  • Stinging or burning when urinating.
  • Pressure in the pelvic area.
  • Continual urge to urinate.
  • Cloudy urine and even the appearance of blood.
  • Fever.

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Natural remedies for urine infection


The best way to treat cystitis or urine infection is to start a treatment with antibiotics indicated by the doctor. These are in charge of fighting bacteria and defeating disease. As a complement to treatment, you could consult with your doctor about the possible benefit of including the following foods in your diet:


It is usually highly recommended to drink cranberry juice to prevent urinary infection. The reality is that there are no scientific studies with conclusive data to support this recommendation, although there is little research that suggests that cranberry and violet juice could help prevent the onset of the disease in women with recurrent infections.

It is believed that this is due to its antioxidant properties, due to the presence of anthocyanins and carotenoids, including vitamin C. Let us remember that antioxidants fight against free radicals, thus helping to prevent diseases. It is also believed that the cranberry would have an antiseptic and antimicrobial function. However, we have not found evidence in this regard.

Parsley and garlic

Various studies have attributed antimicrobial properties to both foods. For this reason, it is believed that it could be beneficial to eat them in our meals or separately. Ayurvedic medicine experts recommend consuming parsley mixing it with acidic fruit juice; instead, garlic could be marinated and ingested with a little olive oil.


Despite the previous controversial results, a 2018 study has indicated that the consumption of probiotics, mainly lactobacilli, could help reduce the risk of urinary infections as well as to regulate the urinary microbiota. More studies would be necessary. We can find them in supermarkets in fermented dairy products, for example.


It is believed that due to its effect, they would help in parallel to combat fluid retention and eliminate foreign bodies from the urinary tract. For this reason, it would be advisable to include asparagus, cucumbers, celery, alfalfa and pineapple in our diet .

Recommendations to avoid infections

Oranges have long been recognized as a very interesting fruit for their vitamin C content.

Surely among the recommendations that you will receive from your doctor to prevent future urinary tract infections you will find:

  • Increase your fluid intake
  • Incorporate vitamin C through orange, lemon, pineapple or blueberry juices.
  • Always take care of your intimate hygiene.

Urine infection, a very annoying problem

Recurrent urine infections can reduce the quality of life of women, since it is a disease that generates great discomfort. In this sense, prevention through proper hygiene is essential. But it should be noted that diet could also act as a bacterial deterrent.

As always, we remind you that in the presence of an infection (or the suspicion of one) it is necessary to see a doctor to obtain a reliable diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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