Find Out Which Are The Most Curious Accessories

The most curious accessories can be seen almost in any store. But far from causing an unpleasant impact on people, they generate a lot of interest. Why? Because, in one way or another, they awaken the inner child that they all carry inside, although they hardly have an air of nostalgia. This is because, in general, these types of pieces are creative, original, fun and even cute.

They look like toys, but they are not toys

With the celebration of geek  or “geek” culture , a decorative trend has come with elements from various fictional worlds. From Disney princesses and Marvel superheroes to mythological creatures and all kinds of inventions. In many cases, what may appear to be toys at first glance are collectibles that are used for decoration.

Of course, what is most abundant are the humorous reinterpretations of works of art of all time. For example, the painting of The Last Supper  by Leonardo da Vinci with characters from The Simpsons , or  Van Gogh’s Starry Night with characters from Mario Bros, Batman, etc.

Curious accessories for interior decoration.

Previously, certain characters such as Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon or Audrey Hepburn, among other celebrities, were seen in the most daring environments, within a pop art style  ;  Unlike today, you can see all kinds of characters.

Often times in this style fictional universes are mixed with optical illusions and other “quirks”  to make the piece itself even more fun and unique.

There is a touch of irreverent humor in many pieces. For example, objects with the colors of the rainbow and glitters have been marketed as unicorn excrement, after the joke was established through social networks.

Far from being repellent, these comic objects attract many people because they invite you to “have fun” with them. In this sense, the slogan is the following: “Seriousness takes away joy and fun. You have to give free rein to your imagination ”.

Criticism, joke and parody are the bread and butter on the Internet. The “memes” abound, and it is not surprising that these end up becoming objects of all kinds: t-shirts, coffee cups, bags, posters and also different decorative objects. So many of the most curious accessories in trend have their reference on the Internet.

The most curious accessories in trend

1. Superheroes

Superheroes are one of the strongest trends today. Not only because of the popularity of movies, but because of the rise of comics among readers of all ages.

Undoubtedly, the new icons of pop culture have considerably displaced many celebrities from the spotlight with great sympathy.

2. Emojis

Although we had already seen something similar in the nineties with the fashion of yellow happy faces; the emoji have captivated many people around the world.

Due to their daily use through social networks, they have been positioned as almost essential communication elements and, in view of this, many have adopted them outside the screen of your mobile phone. They are found in stuffed animals, towels, accessories for mobile phones and many other objects.

3. Retro objects

Retro objects and vintage style continue to make an appearance in a variety of ways. When it comes to interior decoration, vinyls, CDs, typewriters, old telephones, gramophones, old video consoles or televisions, among other objects, triumph as home accessories of all kinds. For example, there are toothbrush holders in the shape of an instant camera.

On the other hand, the first versions of the logos of some applications have become souvenirs of all kinds. Some of the most famous are the logos of Instagram, Wi-Fi and Twitter. Definitely, “fun” is no longer reserved for parties and youth jerseys. 

Curious accessories: unicorns and other mythological beings.

4. Exotic fauna: unicorns, dinosaurs and pokémons

Another of the most curious accessories that can be seen today are fantastic animals and extinct fauna. It is curious but also funny to see, suddenly, a dinosaur accompanying a plant, just inside the pot.

This type of detail gives the feeling of spontaneity and freshness, since it seems that the “toy” was left there by a child. However, it is not a matter of chance.

They can be found in the bathroom, in the living room, in the bedrooms, in the hall and, practically, anywhere in the house. There are no rules when it comes to decorating with unicorns, pokémon and dinosaurs. Now, the important thing is the amount of inside jokes that we include in the home and the places where they can be appreciated. What kind of curious accessories do you have in your home?

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