Find Out How To Customize Your Shoes. Spectacular!

Surely at home you have an endless number of shoes and boots that you no longer wear because you look old-fashioned or because you simply find them boring and you don’t like them as much as the day you bought them. However, instead of throwing them away, they can be given a second life. And, is that, customizing shoes is a very good option.

With a little imagination and the right accessories, the result can be sensational. In addition, you will be avoiding generating more waste that causes so much damage to the planet, and exercising creativity at the same time. It’s all a matter of considering the possible combinations of fabrics and ornaments.

Very original boots


So, you probably have a pair of cowboy boots in your closet, those that are so comfortable to wear but that, over time, end up a bit lackluster. However, you can give them a second life in a very original way.

For example, an ideal way to personalize your shoes, whatever they are, is to place a series of ornaments on the body of the boot. We tell you how to do it.

What I need

  • Embroidered ribbons, the ones you like the most. With a width of between a centimeter or centimeter and a half, and long enough to surround the boot.
  • Ribbons with small tassels.
  • Ribbons where some small synthetic feathers are included.

How i do it

  • First of all, remember that you can find this series of ribbons in any fabric or accessories store.
  • Also, on the internet there are various portals where you can buy different items to personalize both clothes and shoes. It should be said that customizing boots is easier than customizing shoes.
  • We don’t need to use any glue or sew. It is enough to go knotting each ribbon. It is always more original when a little is loose. It is enough to make a small knot for them to hold.
  • Try to combine the colors and decide for yourself if you want a lighter decoration or a denser one, like the one in the image that we propose.

    Customize shoes with rhinestones


    What I need

    • Rhinestones, decoration gems for clothing and accessories
    • Extra strong glue

    How i do it

    The first thing you should do is choose that shoe that you want to customize. Always try that the color of the rhinestones chosen does not clash with that of the fabric.

    • In addition, an effective key to achieving a spectacular result is not to overload the footwear with excessive decoration. In the case of rhinestones, it is very appropriate to include it, either in the heel area, or at the tip itself.
    • Before starting the gluing process, what you should first do is clean the shoe well. With the help of a brush, remove any traces of dirt that could prevent the glue from adhering correctly.
    • Try to figure out how the design is going to be. Don’t do it randomly or you could spoil the shoes.
    • Apply a drop of glue to each stone. Go little by little, it is not advisable to spread the glue throughout the area and then add the rhinestones. It is better to go one by one to control the evolution of the design.

    Customize shoes with broken jewelery necklaces

    Customize shoes

    This proposal is sensational and you are going to love it. In this case you will achieve several things:

    On the one hand, you can make the same shoe look different, depending on the accessory you add. On the other hand, it is that by including jewelry necklaces that you have broken (those that always lose a crystal and that they can no longer be worn) you will obtain an exceptional shoe model for party nights.

    How to resist?

    What do you need

    • Jewelery necklaces that you no longer use. If you don’t have any at home, you can find fancy necklaces with very spectacular designs at a low price.
    • Thread and needle.
    • Pliers.
    • A ribbon to make a bow.

    How i do it

    • What should be done first is to measure the contour of our ankle. The way these types of designs look best is with high-heeled shoes and, for this, nothing like placing a nice ornament in the ankle area that is attached to the heel area.
    • Once you have the ankle measurements, the necklace must be cut to fit these measurements.
    • You will have to eliminate the ends: to do this, just remove a few links and keep the central part, where all the rhinestones are concentrated.
    • Later, with the help of the pliers, try to  reposition the hook on the collar itself to be able to remove it and put it on whenever we want.
    • All that remains is to create another hook in the heel area of ​​the shoe itself. You can, for example, make a nice bow with a satin ribbon that you will fix with the help of an extra strong glue.
    • When the bow is already attached, you can sew one end of the necklace. Then you can close it with the help of the hook.

    As you can see, these ideas are as simple as they are spectacular. You just need a little patience, skillful hands and a lot of imagination. In addition to renewing your footwear, you will be avoiding generating garbage that pollutes the environment. Give him an oportunity. The result is always worth it!

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