Exercises To Tone The Arms

Having firm and toned muscles is not only a question of aesthetics but of health. Learn about exercises you can do to tone and strengthen your arms. For these exercises to work, it is very important to be constant and combine them with a healthy and balanced diet.

Both men and women can suffer from sagging arms, either due to accumulated fat or excess skin after losing many kilos quickly. A solution to this problem could be to tone the muscles. And that is achieved mainly through specific exercises that work the areas that you want to tone. In this particular case, we seek to tone the arms.

It is always advisable to go to a gym where there are teachers who can indicate the appropriate exercises for the arms. In addition, there they can control that you do the exercises correctly. This is essential to avoid injury. And, of course, to achieve the desired objective.

If for some reason you cannot go to a gym, we provide you here exercises that you can do from home, whenever you want.

Some exercises to tone arms

Exercising and toning muscles is a goal that goes beyond aesthetics. It is fundamentally about your health. Here we explain a series of exercises that you can do at home to tone your arms.

It is recommended to do 3 complete sets that include all the exercises each series, and 10 repetitions of each exercise per series.    

Lift weights above head height

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  1. First you lie down on the floor and bend your knees.
  2. Hold a heavy book, dumbbell, or weight ball in your hands just above your shoulders.
  3. Then, begin to lower the ball by bending your elbows to lower the weights towards your head, until your arms reach a 90 degree angle.
  4. Then return the ball to the starting position.
  5. Keep your upper arms steady throughout the movement, just bending the elbow. 
  6. It is a short movement that works the triceps.
  7. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Bench push-ups

You will be able to tone your arms and increase the strength of your entire upper body. Stability is also worked on.

  1. Put a chair behind you. Rest your hands on the edge of the chair and use your fingers for a better grip. Stretch your arms.
  2. Next, you have to slowly lower your body to bring it closer to the ground by squatting, with your arms at a 90 degree angle. You should never lower your shoulders past the elbows.
  3. In the low position, your arms are parallel to the ground, as seen in the image. It is time to go up, squeezing your entire torso until you return to the starting position with your arms outstretched. This is a rerun.
  4. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

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Tone the triceps

  1. You can be in a standing position or in a sitting position
  2. Place your feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. Use a 3 to 4 kg weight. This is how you work the triceps.
  4. Begin the movement with your arms behind your head.
  5. Then, stretch your arms by bringing the weight from behind your head up over your head, toward the ceiling.
  6. Keep your elbows close to your ears while lifting it, without moving them throughout the movement of your arms. This is how the triceps works. 
  7. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercise to tone biceps

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  1. To start, use light weights, for example 3 or 4 kg dumbbells, or you can also use a bar without weights.
  2. The position you can adopt to start this exercise is sitting or standing with your back straight
  3. Begin with your arms stretched down holding the dumbbell or barbell with both hands “facing” forward.
  4. Keep your elbows as close to your torso as possible and raise your hands toward your chest.
  5. When you are in the highest part, contract your biceps as much as possible and hold there for 3 seconds
  6. Then go down to the starting position.
  7. The elbows should be kept “glued” to the trunk, throughout the movement.
  8. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Push-up against the wall

  1. Stand in front of a wall
  2. Then rest your palms on the wall at shoulder height.
  3. Start by pushing yourself as far away from the wall as possible and return to the starting position.
  4. Keep your body straight at all times, without bending your back.
  5. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Triceps extension

  1. Face the chair
  2. Then he puts one knee on the chair and the hand on the same side rests on the backrest.
  3. In the hand that is not supported, you will hold a 2 or 3 kilo dumbbell and place your arm at a 90 ° angle
  4. Without moving your upper arm, extend your elbow with the dumbbell back. 
  5. Then it returns to the 90º position.
  6. Repeat 10 times with each arm.

These exercises can help you work your arms, maintain a more active lifestyle and, of course, improve your physical condition, but remember that the ideal is to intersperse them with other exercises and activities to take advantage of the variety of benefits they offer. 

If you find it difficult to design your own routines, remember that you can always consult training options online or go to the trainer at the gym.

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