Can Spiders On The Legs Be Avoided?

Unfortunately, the presence of spider veins or varicose veins in the legs cannot be eliminated without undergoing surgery. However, it is possible to alleviate this ailment and even restrict its development. In the following article you will learn how to do it with a few simple modifications in your day-to-day life.

Varicose veins are a problem that goes beyond being able or not being able to show your legs out of embarrassment. They are caused by various factors and require specific care to be able to treat them.

Appearance of the spiderlings

Perhaps you have seen that you have the occasional purplish vein on your leg and you have not paid too much attention to it. However, it is important to analyze the evolution so that it does not lead to a more serious problem. According to this study carried out by the Italian Hospital of Montevideo, varicose veins could be a sign of something more dangerous in the future, such as thrombosis.

A doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, although it would also be good if you determined, on your own, what or what are the reasons why this varicose vein could have appeared. It may be due to bad habits that you can easily correct.

Over time and if you do nothing about it, varicose veins can be very painful and even prevent you from walking, putting on certain clothes or doing your daily activities.

With perseverance and good predisposition, you can alleviate and avoid the symptoms of spider veins that have appeared on your legs and are truly annoying. A change in daily habits, as we have already suggested, can be vital for the picture to improve. Varicose veins can appear due to:

  • Obesity, as stated in this research published in the Cuban Journal of Information on Health Sciences.
  • Sedentary.
  • Smoking
  • Genetics. This is stated in this study carried out by Stanford University.
  • Circulatory problems Still, there is no conclusive scientific evidence to assure that existing problems could be a trigger.

Tips to alleviate the symptoms of “spider veins” in the legs


These keys will help you alleviate the symptoms of spider veins on the legs, as well as improve other ailments and change our bad habits a bit.

It helps with blood circulation

This is crucial so that the blood does not get blocked in any part of the legs. To do this, try to do low intensity exercises, such as walking the dog, walking in the park, riding a bike, swimming, etc.

You can also raise your legs when you are at home sitting on the couch. It is recommended, in turn, not to remain sitting or standing for a long time, but to change position even if it is from time to time.

Lose weight

Obesity is one of the main causes of varicose veins. This is because the legs must support more weight and the veins have more work to get the blood back to the heart. Research carried out by the Howard-Nize Foundation, between France and Cambridge, suggests that to achieve an adequate weight, one must have a low-calorie diet.

Talk to your GP or an endocrinologist, to help you reduce the extra kilos  and thus ensure that the pressure of the lower limbs is not so excessive.

Wear compression socks

People who go on extensive air travel, for example, often wear these compression stockings. You can buy them in a pharmacy or store without problems and use them all day, not only when you are going to be sitting or in the same position.

However, you should ask your doctor how long they advise you to wear them to avoid other problems.

Massage the area

Every afternoon or night when you get home (or just a few times a week) you can apply a self-massage to get blood circulation going. This technique already works in cases of edema, as stated in this study carried out by the University of Medical Sciences of HolguĂ­n, in Cuba.

Complement this natural treatment for varicose veins with some essential oils such as lavender, olive oil or one that you like.

Sleep with your legs elevated

This is achieved in different ways. The two most frequent consist of putting cushions under your ankles so that the legs are higher than the torso, or placing some studs on the legs of the bed, on the feet, so that the legs are higher than head.

Another good way to improve blood circulation is to keep your legs up for a few minutes. You can, for example, place the ankles or soles of the feet on the wall and you sit or lie down on the floor, the bed, the sofa, etc.

Eat better

It is very important that you include more antioxidants in your diet. In this way, your veins will be healthier and stronger. It also adds flavonoids, as this study by Dr. Granados Loarca affirms that they are therapeutic in these cases. They are found in citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruits.

Natural remedies for spider veins

You have already learned some tips to improve the appearance of varicose veins or spider veins on your legs, including that food is very important to improve any condition or problem. It is time, then, that you know what are the best home remedies to deal with them:



They have many properties to improve the quality and circulation of the blood, since they are vasodilators, anti-hemorrhagic and, in addition, they strengthen the walls of the veins.

Consume at least a handful a day, either fresh or in juices and salads.


This plant has benefits for the skin and also for our body. According to a study carried out by the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Panjab University, in India, calendula improves the tone of the veins and prevents them from degenerating with the passage of time or bad habits. Repairs damaged tissues, is anti-inflammatory (according to information provided by various related health institutions) and reduces swelling.

You can buy a natural calendula cream and apply on your legs every night, before going to bed. If you want a more homemade version you can make an ointment:


  • 1 handful of marigold petals.
  • 1 little water.


Crush the flower with the water until you get a paste. Apply to the affected area every night, after checking that you do not suffer from any related allergies. The next morning, rinse off. Repeat daily, for at least a month.

Witch hazel

It is believed that it has astringent properties that would act on the circulatory system and alleviate the feeling of heaviness that this problem produces. However, there is no scientific evidence to support its use. To consume this plant internally you can make a tea.


  • 1 teaspoon of dried witch hazel leaves (5 g).
  • 1 cup of boiling water (250 ml).


Make the infusion as with any other herb and drink when it is at the ideal temperature.

If you want to apply topically, you can use witch hazel. It is made the same as tea but, instead of drinking it, it is allowed to cool and is applied with a cotton ball to the legs, although there is no scientific evidence to support any effect.

Remember, there is no cure for varicose veins, but you can alleviate its symptoms and even restrict its appearance. A few simple modifications to your daily habits will make you feel much better.

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