Be Part Of The Life Of Someone Who Gives You Light, Not Darkness

You are sure to associate with many types of people. Our social relationships are part of our identity and we establish with them a daily exchange of affections, interests, thoughts and emotions. There are such upright and positive personalities that we say they “offer light.

It is not about anything spiritual or supernatural. They are so authentic as well as simple people, who always have a solution to every problem, a hope to every difficulty.

However, if you stop for a moment to think about these types of personalities, you will realize that there are very few people capable of giving birth. We hardly need the fingers of one hand to count them, but it does not matter, it is them that you must take care of and have every day in your heart.

Today in our space we invite you to reflect on the value of giving the best of ourselves to others. Of the importance of protecting ourselves from those profiles that are used to vetoing our personal growth in different ways.

The inner light of positive relationships

Positive relationships are the most enriching, both personally and emotionally. You will also not be surprised if we tell you that they are a pillar of our health.

Friendships, as well as relationships, we should take care of every day as the most precious asset. If they are healthy and help us every day to have a full and authentic life, there is nothing better. They are cognitive reserve, strength for our self-esteem and push for our internal motor.

Now, we are all clear about who brings us “this emotional, moral and affective light” in our lives, but there are some basic features that we should always recognize :

  • Positive relationships are those capable of understanding each other, of establishing an affective and sincere closeness with us.
    • We do not feel judged. We accept and listen to your opinions because we value them. They do not sanction us or act falsely.
    • We establish with these people an exchange of experiences, opinions, and information through a cordial balance. Nobody is placed above the other “establishing their problems as a priority.” There is a mutual and shared interest.
    • Times and spaces are respected. There is no obligation to be in contact at all times, to have to report on everything we do. There is trust, respect and cordiality.
    • It is common to establish a subtle complicity with these people “who give us light.” We know that they understand us and that words are unnecessary. We feel protected and all problems are on another plane thanks to their optimism and understanding.

    Protect yourself from those who only see darkness on cloudy days

    Surely you also have those friendships that in the face of any problem, far from seeing a solution, sink us further into suffering. There are personalities incapable of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, of trusting that the morning will conquer the night and that every difficulty requires an inner strength to maintain.

    These types of people have always existed and will always exist. However, far from separating ourselves from them and breaking all ties, it is only about knowing how to handle them and properly manage that negativity that they usually give off. We tell you how to get it.

    Don’t let other people catch you with their dramas and storms

    We all have demons of our own and difficulties to overcome. Why should we also add those of others to our day to day?

    • It is not about being selfish. It is about establishing priorities, where our internal balance, our self-esteem and our health must always come first.
      • There are people who surround us with their personal dramas, pressuring us or making us responsible for them so that we can give them a solution. Never assume this responsibility.
      • Help, attend, listen, but do not seek to save the lives of others without first taking care of yours.

      That they do not infect you with “their darkness”, their negativism

      • To prevent a negative person from transmitting their defeatist arguments to you, look for your inner light, your defense weapon: your self-esteem.
      • Negative people lack personal strategies to cope with problems  and, in turn, try to prevent others from doing so either. In this way, they feel safe seeing that no one accesses that happiness or well-being that they lack.
      • Negativity is a contagious virus. And the most dangerous thing is that these negative words come from someone who is significant to us: our partner, a family member …

        Bear in mind that the closer the person who transmits his “darkness” is to us, the more vulnerable we will feel. Hence, the need to relate to or be close to strong, confident, positive personalities that provide strategies to our lives and that do not veto freedoms or personal growth.

        To find light and happiness in our day-to-day journey, surround yourself with people who contribute to you, who do not take away from you. Whole, simple and courageous people who make you be better.

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