Are You Feeling Sad? Put These 8 Tips Into Practice

Sadness. It hugs us and drowns us with its cold mantle when we least want it. It is that emotion that is difficult to manage and master. When you feel sad, it is as if someone has turned off the switch in your life and you have no choice but to move forward in the dark. Nobody understands you, and everything runs against the tide.

What can we do? First of all, don’t let yourself be beaten. Sadness is an adaptive emotion that allows us to express what we feel. It is not the enemy, it is an ally if we know how to manage it well. Now, if at times when it gets you drunk, you don’t know how to manage it, don’t worry. Today we want to show you 8 ways you can get it.

Don’t give up and put it into practice!

1. Go out for a walk if you feel sad

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We know, sometimes it is not easy. You have things to do, responsibilities, jobs, obligations … However, when one is sad, that wall appears inside us with which it is almost impossible to do something properly. We have no motivation or encouragement.

Solution? Stop for a moment and give yourself two hours to yourself, enjoy your personal space, your time, without pressure and without anxiety. Be yourself.

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4. Write


Do you usually use a journal? If not, it may be time to start one. It is something therapeutic that helps us organize ideas, express ourselves, talk to ourselves, taking advantage of the intimacy of writing.

You don’t have to be Gabriel García Márquez or Daphne Du Maurier to keep a journal: express yourself with your resources, with your words, laugh at yourself, insult whoever you want … In essence, use words as an emotional outlet if you feel sad.

5. Cry if you need to

Sometimes you have to do it, and it’s a good thing. Sadness needs an escape mechanism with which to relieve tension and, sometimes, it is not enough to go out for a walk or talk to our best friend. Tears should come out to relieve us, to relieve us and reduce tension. It is something healthy and very necessary.

6. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what happens

We are going to do a reconnaissance exercise. The one you see in the mirror is you? No, there is not that attractive and positive woman. Sadness is robbing you of vitality and we are sure you don’t like to see yourself like this.

Ask yourself what you can do to feel better, to give illusion to your heart and heal those sorrows. Also ask that woman in the mirror what she should do today in order to put a new smile on her face.

7. Find someone who can listen to you

Not everyone knows how to do it. Surely you have that friend or that relative who, instead of supporting you, always prefers to talk about himself without just wondering how you are doing today. Thus, you should seek the support of those people who do know how to look you in the eye and listen to your words with concern and sincerity.

Then you will realize how by sharing your feelings, a part of you is more relieved and that negative feeling begins to relativize. Never hesitate to seek support if you feel sad.

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8. Treat yourself

Why not? The sad days need little illusions with which to relativize the sorrows. If you focus all your attention on those worries, the problem will increase, so it is best to relax. How about going to the cinema? How about you sign up for those yoga classes? What if you go for a walk in the park or through that art museum?

Sometimes things as simple as coming home and playing our favorite song work great miracles. It will not solve your problems, but it will help you to enter a state of calm and well-being in which to see things from a more appropriate perspective.

Feel free to try these simple tips every time you feel sad.

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