All Those Times I’ve Thought About Leaving Everything

Leaving everything is not ending what we have now. Far from attributing to this phrase a negative or fatalistic connotation, sometimes many of us let it escape in the middle of a sigh, like a longing to start something new.

Leaving everything often means “restarting” . In turn, this word implies many interesting dimensions that should be taken into account.

A “restart” is to start over, keeping our essence but allowing us to take the step towards what is different. This is, above all else, an act of bravery and even personal necessity.

Now,  do not take a moment of anger or specific exhaustion as a reason “to leave everything.” It is not apropiate.

In our article we want to guide you in these vital moments. In those moments of personal crisis in which a change is the best solution to deep and irreparable unhappiness.

Our sole purpose at all times must always be the same: to improve as human beings, take care of our emotions, be good with ourselves and build an adequate well-being.

We give you a series of keys to reflect on.

When leaving everything is the only option

There are times when we feel like ships adrift. As if the rumor of life led us against the tide and we were not in control of anything.

  • Having a job that violates our rights as a person.
  • Living in a painful and toxic affective relationship where we end up losing our self-esteem.
  • Living in the bosom of a family where we are violated, where we are not respected.

All these examples perfectly outline those complex moments. Those vital moments marked by frustration and discouragement.

When our closest context is not facilitating, it is necessary to react. We must say “no” to having to resign every day, to have our dignity frayed until we are naked.

There are moments on the line of our life when it is necessary to do so. In which leaving everything is the only option.

How to assess whether or not we should take the step

As we pointed out at the beginning, we should not take a specific moment of difficulty as an excuse to launch a permanent response.

We all have our differences with the people around us. Likewise, it is common for us to go through times more complex than others, with friction at work, and even with the classic ups and downs with our partner.

Difficult moments are sometimes personal challenges that we must learn to overcome.

However, there are a series of concepts that will help us decide whether it is necessary to continue fighting or, on the contrary, to leave behind some links.

  • Delve into your roots, into your essences. Despite the complexity that you live now, your inner voice is the one that will tell you if it is worth continuing to fight or not.
  • At the couple level we must analyze several aspects. Take care if the other person invests the same efforts, illusions and emotions as you.
  • Look at your relational scale. If you always fall on the same side, on that of resignations, tears and attacks, then there is no other option.

Because if there is no respect, love is not sincere. If love is not sincere, we will have to start over.

All those times that I've thought to give it all up

Giving up everything: an act of bravery

If they don’t love you, don’t beg for love. When you perceive that the bond built with your family is based on blackmail, distance yourself.

If in your work context you notice that you are losing your health, you should take action.

However, there are moments when all these dimensions come to combine with each other.

A bad job, a bad personal relationship and the lack of support from our close ones force us to “restart”. Doing so will be an act of courage that dignifies us.

Because, don’t forget, you are the pillar of your own life. If you allow yourself to fall, everything collapses. So what we have to do is the following.

Keys to promote change

  • Inform your closest environment about your situation. Be assertive and talk about your needs, what you feel, what you are going through.
  • If you do not perceive changes, if the situation remains the same despite having clarified your feelings, it is time to move forward.
  • Cry if you need to, relieve your emotional load but, at the same time, try to visualize something. Imagine how you would like to see yourself in the next few months. Think of yourself being happy, being calm and in balance.
  • That’s what you deserve: calm down. End your storms. To achieve this, there will be no other option: to leave everything and build a new horizon for your life.


You also need to be realistic. Be aware that it will not be an easy path, but that what you are going to find will be worth it.

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