Acai, A Brazilian Fruit With Wonderful Properties

Acai is the fruit of a palm tree ( Euterpe oleracea ) that grows wild in the jungle in northern Brazil, a humid and rainy area. For centuries acai berries were only consumed in this region, however today it can be found in various stores.

Acai was once both an essential ingredient in the Aboriginal diet and a natural medicine for digestive problems and skin conditions. For this reason, even today there are those who consider that this fruit has ‘wonderful’ properties for health. Let’s see more about them below.

Acai berry characteristics

The size of acai ranges from ten to fourteen millimeters in diameter, is deep purple, almost black, and grows in clusters. The pulp is the most desired part, but it only makes up 10% of the berry. Its flavor is sweet, like that of a mixture of raspberry and grape.

The nutritional value of this fruit

Like other fruits, acai contains a good amount of water and fiber, which are a great support for digestive health.

Acai fruits and fruit powder.

On the other hand, it contains vegetable protein, Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, vital for the body’s functions. It also contains antioxidants (up to thirty times more than grapes) ; vitamins A and C, ideal for strengthening the immune system, improving the skin and forming red blood cells; and vitamin B, which provides more energy.

According to the scientific literature, there are those who consider that acai is one of the fruits with the most antioxidant potential in the world, and that therefore it could more effectively combat the aging of cells.

Due to all the above, in the popular sphere, its regular consumption is recommended to high-performance athletes, to people who are under high levels of stress, who smoke or who have heart problems.

Acai properties

As we have been saying, acai is a source of antioxidants, antiocyanins, which give it that characteristic color (just like grapes or blackberries) as stated in the following article. Therefore, its regular consumption could help maintain the health of the entire body and also help prevent premature aging.

So, acai is considered to be a fruit that mainly has antioxidant properties. Energizing properties have also been attributed to it, but to be scientifically validated, more evidence needs to be gathered and analyzed.

As the indigenous people used this food as a stimulant to increase libido, acai is also considered to have aphrodisiac properties. In fact, in some areas of Brazil acai is known as the natural ‘viagra’. However, there are no articles in the scientific literature that support these properties.

Main contributions

Within a healthy diet, acai is a fruit that can contribute with:

  • Daily hydration, since it contains a certain amount of water in its composition.
  • The control of appetite, as it contains fiber, which helps to satisfy the appetite and reduce the anxiety to eat and snack on anything.
  • Weight loss and good digestion, due to its fiber and water content.
  • Increased energy to carry out different daily activities, due to its content of fructose, vegetable protein, carbohydrates and various nutrients.

Other benefits of acai

  • As it has insoluble fiber, therefore, acai helps prevent constipation. The daily consumption of this fruit can help in various intestinal problems.
  • Its omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can support the health of the nervous system and improve brain functions.

However, more clinical trials are needed to confirm whether acai berries have such properties and to shed light on the physiological mechanisms by which they occur.

Acai berries, good allies

The basis of health is a varied and balanced diet along with the practice of physical exercise on a regular basis. Therefore, even when acai is a nutritious and beneficial fruit, you do not have to rely only on its consumption to have good health.

Do you dare to include them in your dishes from time to time? If so, remember to always do it within the framework of a balanced diet, according to the needs of your body.

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