A Screw Kiss: Discover The Technique

The kiss is an act of utmost importance in the relationship; since it represents direct and loving contact. In the following lines, we will explain step by step how to give a screw kiss and thus enjoy an experience of pleasant sensations.

Physical contact allows you to strengthen your relationship with the person you like, so it is important to know how to do it well. It is not about something banal, it is an erotic caress in which two lovers get involved and give themselves up. They create a bubble in which they disconnect from the world and focus only on the moment, the sensations and the pleasure of being with the person they want.

It is true that the way of approaching varies from one individual to another. But the common point is that the kiss strengthens the relationship between two people because it encompasses romance, seduction and courtship. Learn to do it!

A screw kiss: discover the technique

The prestigious primatologist, Frans de Waal, showed in his 2003 study that more research is still needed to find out if kisses are learned or produced by instinct. However, there are not a few who worry about the desire to look good when practicing a screw kiss. Therefore, we explain in a simple way how to do it:

Screw kisses.

  • Approach slowly, close your eyes and tilt your head to the opposite side of the partner (avoiding their noses colliding).
  • Brush your lips with smooth, slow movements. Little by little, open your mouth and slowly insert your tongue, touching the tip of your partner’s.
  • Pick up the pace and deeply introduce your tongue. As the kiss lengthens, turn your head. Change sides and incline to get more comfortable.
  • Move your tongue freely, playing with the other. To do this, change the pace from slower to faster; play with the lips and bite them delicately, but with passion.
  • Let yourself be carried away by the sensations and the beat of the kiss. Enjoy the moment.

Tips to give the perfect screw kiss

When giving a good screw kiss it is important to know how to breathe during the moment. With passion, your breathing will most likely speed up and you won’t be able to exhale through your mouth.

So that you do not have to concentrate on breathing and can enjoy the kiss, you should take short pauses. Take a breath and release it little by little. Also, as described in the Manual “Prevention of Couple Conflicts”, it is of the utmost importance that you strive to maintain an attractive and appealing appearance.

Not only do you have to look good, you also have to take hygiene into account. So, freshen your breath with mentholated candies and hydrate your lips well to avoid dryness.

Once you are ready to give the screw kiss, it is propitious to choose the moment well. Ideally, find a place without too many people around to avoid discomfort and ensure privacy.

Similarly, it is important to be sure that the partner wants the same thing as you. So, for the moment, watch their body language. Too rough or too fast a movement can break the magic of the moment.

Health benefits of the kiss

In addition to connecting with the person you care about, kissing brings significant health benefits. Among the positive properties that the art of kissing has, according to a study, the following stand out:

Benefits of kissing.

  • Like hugs in a 2005 test of premenopausal women, kissing would help lower blood pressure. It dilates the blood vessels and allows the blood to flow in a firm and positive way; reaching the vital organs.
  • As a study carried out by several Arizona State University researchers demonstrated, it helps reduce stress and makes the relationship satisfactory.
  • In addition, kissing amplifies the hormones of happiness and increases self-esteem. It causes feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin to spread.
  • Finally, although there are no scientific certainties yet, some think that just giving a kiss exercises more than 30 muscles of the face ; keeping them toned and thus reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Do not hesitate! Experiment with that person you love a screw kiss. Discover the technique, surrender to the enjoyment and keep in mind that the more you practice it, the better it will turn out for you.

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