9 Remedies To Cure Blisters

Not all home remedies are really useful when it comes to curing blisters, so it is not recommended to use them.

At some point, we all have blisters on our feet and we know how annoying they can be. While most of the time we may have been told that it is best not to manipulate and ignore them, in some cases we may have been recommended to resort to certain remedies to cure blisters.

A blister is a formation that can appear on the outer layer of the skin and is similar in appearance to a small sac. It has liquid inside and  generally, it is produced as a result of friction, heat or certain diseases.

When they are produced by friction, either due to the use of tight footwear, or prolonged use of the same, according to popular beliefs, certain remedies could be used to cure them.

Rather, more than remedies, these come to be tricks that can be useful when avoiding discomfort with socks and shoes when the skin has blisters or wounds.

1. Salt water to heal blisters

Woman taking a foot bath with water and salt.

Soaking your feet in a bowl of hot water and plenty of salt may help the blister soften. Then, with a sewing needle (previously sterilized with alcohol) we would carefully pierce it to open a small hole, remove the liquid and thus, get it to begin to dry.

Once the feet are removed from the container, they must be dried very well with a towel. It would be advisable to check from time to time that the blister is no longer dripping liquid, and if so, it should be dried with a cotton ball or a swab.

Note : It is interesting to know that salt could strengthen the skin’s defenses and thus help prevent infections.

2. Garlic paste

According to popular beliefs, peeling a fresh garlic clove, crushing it, turning it into a paste and applying it on the blister, would help to heal it. However, this method is usually not very effective and often causes burning.

It is also believed that it might be helpful to peel the garlic clove and hold it against the blister for about 5 to 10 minutes, without applying too much pressure.

3. Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is one of the most recommended natural remedies due to the healing properties attributed to this plant. It is believed that its application on the blisters, would help to hydrate the area, reduce inflammation and “accelerate” healing.

4. Calendula to heal blisters

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, calendula is one of the most common ingredients in the preparation of various skin care products. For this reason, it is popularly recommended even to apply calendula ointment (or some product based on this plant) to cure blisters.

5. Apple cider vinegar

To cure the most recent blisters, the application of apple cider vinegar has also been recommended in the popular sphere. It is believed that due to its composition and its acidity, this liquid would act as an antimicrobial, which would help prevent complications once the blister breaks.

* There are those who dilute a teaspoon of vinegar in a basin of water to make a disinfectant foot bath. However, you have to be careful with this, because the vinegar can irritate the skin and dry it excessively.

6. Corn flour

It is believed that by applying a paste of cornmeal with honey on the blister, it could be removed. To do this, you would simply have to mix the corn flour with the honey until it forms a paste, apply it to the affected area and let it act for a while.

7. Vaseline

Vaseline is said to help heal blisters. By applying a little of the product on them, it would be possible to soften and eliminate them, without damaging the skin.

8. Carrot paste

Another of the home remedies that is recommended to cure blisters is carrot paste. As in previous cases, the paste would be prepared, applied and allowed to act for a while to soften the blister and then remove it.

Note : There are those who instead of food pastes apply a paste made with powdered aspirin and water, and place it on the skin to relieve inflammation and facilitate the removal of the blister.

9. Alcohol

The last of the recommended home remedies to cure blisters is not a food, but a very common product in the first aid kit: alcohol.

It is believed that by dipping a swab in alcohol and applying it to the blister, it would soften and eliminate it, while cleansing the skin and preventing infections.

* Some people apply a little antibacterial gel instead of alcohol. 

What is the most useful remedy?

Of all the remedies mentioned to cure blisters, perhaps the most useful is the first : the water bath with a lot of salt. However, you can choose the one that most catches your attention, according to your preferences.

Remember that, once the blister has burst, it is recommended that you keep the area well ventilated and do not put plasters on it. Also, try to wear footwear that does not mistreat you.

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