8 Ways To Keep Your Nails Beautiful Naturally

Do you want to have beautiful nails naturally? Hands are one of the letters of introduction that all people have before others, because with their hygiene and aesthetics we can reveal seriousness and style.

Next we are going to share those 8 natural ways to care for your nails at home so that they remain strong and healthy. Take aim!

8 ways to keep your nails beautiful naturally

The nails are perhaps one of the parts of greater care. It must be taken into account that they grow constantly and tend to accumulate particles from the environment that can alter their appearance.

For this reason, regardless of whether they are decorated or not, it is essential to provide them with some regular care. These will allow to keep them in good condition together with the hands.

Although it is good to get them a professional manicure on an occasional basis, there are certain guidelines that can help keep them beautiful and free of infectious agents. Here are the tips you need to have naturally beautiful nails.

1. Eat healthy

Eat healthy

Like almost all aspects of our body, diet plays a fundamental role in nail care, as various studies show. All the nutrients that are absorbed through meals can help to strengthen its structure to prevent breakdown and achieve a healthy appearance.

From now on it is good that you increase your consumption of foods with more calcium content. Also of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and antioxidants; and, of course, drink more water a day to stay hydrated.

2. Cut them regularly

Long nails do not go out of style and facilitate many decorations that give them style. However, many know that having them too long poses a great risk of suffering a break at any time.

When these suffer a break they can cause pain and can even lead to the appearance of annoying infections. Therefore, an essential step to keep them healthy at all times is to cut them to an appropriate length, so that they can support it.

3. Moisturize the cuticles

The cuticle is the part that covers the nail and protects it. That is why it is very important to take good care of it.

It is popularly believed that it is essential to hydrate them every day. If not, it is believed that they tend to dry out and suffer various damages when they do not receive proper moisture.

  • You can choose a cream that is high in vitamin E, or prepare a homemade formula using a capsule that is sold in pharmacies.

4. Clean them with baking soda

You shouldn’t regularly apply baking soda to your nails, as it is abrasive and could damage them. But it can be useful if we get nail fungus, since it has antifungal properties that help us to eliminate them.

  • To do this, you can rub a little baking soda with a damp toothbrush.
  • You can also add a few drops of lemon optionally.

5. Wear gloves for household chores

Wear gloves for household chores

Exposure to chemicals from detergents and other household hygiene products is one of the main reasons for weakening nails (and hands in general). Therefore, avoid this bad habit.

  • To protect them from all these aggressive agents, it is essential to wear gloves every time they are going to be handled.

    6. File them correctly

    Filing your nails allows you to give them a particular style and shape. In addition, it is a way to keep them with an adequate length to avoid their breakage.

    • The best option is to do it in the same direction, since sawing back and forth can weaken them.

    7. Avoid the use of harmful chemicals

    Avoid the use of harmful chemicals

    Some nail products are made up of chemicals that can be harmful. Enamels contain some of them, but most are not strong enough to do special damage.

    With which it is essential to be very careful is with removers  that contain acetone. Although it is useful for removing nail polish, inhaling it can have adverse effects.

    In addition, it is important not to abuse the use of enamels and other products, such as false nails, as these could end up weakening the nails. Let your nails breathe every now and then.

    8. Be aware of when to leave them alone

    Sometimes the best thing to do to keep your nails healthy is to keep them still. Biting, pulling, or cutting them inappropriately could lead to infections and other discomfort.

    • If you do not know how to cut them well or you feel that you have problems, seek the help of a professional to avoid risks.

    Put all these recommendations into practice and you will notice that you get beautiful nails naturally without having to invest a lot in them. Remember that care must be constant, since they are exposed to many factors that weaken them and generate alterations.

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