8 Questions To Ask Your Dermatologist

Beyond doing it for aesthetic reasons, it is important that we make regular appointments with the dermatologist to keep the moles under control and monitor other possible skin alterations.

Do you know what questions to ask the dermatologist? Has it happened to you that when you left a consultation with him you forgot to comment or ask him something? This happens because, when you take on a question that is not the main cause of your query, you end up getting distracted and forgetting about the rest.

That’s when you prefer to use a natural remedy that may not solve the underlying problem. The dermatologist is the only professional who can help you have healthy skin.

Thinking about all this, we leave you a list of everything that is worth asking. Regardless of whether it is your first visit or your hundredth visit: you can always catch up and take care of your health.

1. Can I sunbathe with this treatment?

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Sun exposure itself is not especially important in the world of dermatology. However, you must remember that combining some aesthetic or health treatments with the sun can be dangerous.

Some treatments can make the skin very sensitive to sunlight . If you are taking a topical or oral medication for your skin, be sure to ask your doctor if the sun is going to compromise your treatment.

In any case, never forget to use sunscreen and keep your skin hydrated at all times.

2. Is there something I can incorporate into my diet to improve my skin?

You already know that minimizing sugar and dairy intake can help prevent acne.

Increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables in the widest variety of colors possible is not only anti-aging, but it will also make the skin look better and reduce the incidence of cancer.

If you have or suspect that you have a gluten allergy, remember that one of the questions you should ask your dermatologist is about the foods you should avoid. Certain ingredients can drastically alter the skin.

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3. How often should I use scrub?

Woman washing her face to remove acne.

There are many exfoliating formulations with endless ingredients. According  your skin type, the exfoliation can play a very important role in keeping the skin fresh.

For sensitive skin, minor grain scrubs will be gentler, while for very oily skin, major abrasives may be better.

Another question you should ask your dermatologist is how often you have to exfoliate your face and what type of scrub will work best on your skin.

4. Can I get facials in clinics where there is no dermatologist?

Few things are more luxurious than a spa day . However, they can leave the skin irritated and more likely to break out. You will be able to spend a lot of your savings in a cosmetic clinic and most do not have a health professional.

It is true that it is important to maintain the beauty of the skin and these sites help many people with this goal. However, first you must discover if the skin is going to benefit from a facial beauty treatment before performing it .

5. What can cause acne?

Slinda for acne

When the problem of acne is around you all the time, finding its origin will bring you closer to its definitive solution. It can be the result of your daily diet, stress or hormonal changes.   Plan with your dermatologist a plan of attack that can really work.

6. Are the spots on the skin caused by the sun?

Considering the number of hours we expose ourselves to the sun daily, It is convenient for a specialist to check the spots on the face periodically to see if they do not present any abnormality.

If you start to notice a strange spot on your skin, ask your doctor to keep an eye on it. Early detection is the key to skin cancer prevention and you should never expect or think that you are exaggerating.

7. What is the best moisturizer for each skin type?

Regardless of your skin type, you must already be using some type of moisturizer. Hydrated skin is less prone to wrinkles and other signs of aging.

If what you want to know is whether a certain product can damage the skin, Make a list of the specific brands you would like to purchase or already use and consult with a specialist.

Keep in mind that when you ask the pharmacy or cosmetic store, they might recommend products based on cost, but not based on actual medical benefits.

8. Can I make scars disappear?

Each scar is different and depending on how deep it  is rooted in the skin, the dermatologist can help remove it. .

He will give you details on how to improve the marks with the different treatments that are carried out, the real expectations of your improvement, the recovery time and the number of sessions.

Prepare for your dermatologist appointment

Preparation should take place before meeting with the doctor. It is common for some patients to have innumerable doubts and complaints, many of them aesthetic, and are anxious to treat everything at the same time.

It is important to bring tests performed in the past and the medications in use. When asking, answer all the questions that the doctor asks you and mention everything that may be relevant.

Don’t be afraid to eliminate your doubts. Avoid self-medicating and do not apply treatments that could alter the diagnosis on the day of the evaluation.

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