7 Tips To Avoid A Puffy Face In The Morning Naturally

There are people who suffer a little every morning when they see their swollen face in the mirror without knowing why. Fluid retention could be one reason, and is in fact a common cause. However, it might not be the only one, so it would not hurt to have a medical check-up and receive instructions from the professional. Along with this, it would be ideal to improve lifestyle habits.

Yes, many times the relief of issues as common as swelling in the face first thing in the morning can be in what we do every day. Let’s see more below.

Why is my face swollen every morning?

According to beliefs, the face is a reflection of the body and can give important clues about the person’s state of health. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to it and, if you notice any type of irregularity, tell your doctor about it.

As we have already mentioned, morning facial swelling is temporary and does not normally correspond to any serious health problem. It usually eases on its own as the hours go by, but there are those who prefer to speed up the process a bit to feel that they look good.

Tips to avoid morning facial swelling

Having a puffy face in the morning is often an aesthetic problem for people who work in front of the public. However, it can be easily fixed.

Although there are some remedies to avoid a swollen face such as the classic cucumber slices or raw potato, below we will present others that can help you start the day on the right foot … and a good face!

1. Early and light dinner

Healthy and light dinners to lose weight

The most important thing to avoid fluid retention, especially on the face and eyelids, is to control what we eat at the end of the day, that is, dinner.

What we eat before going to bed should be light, just enough to take away our hunger, since the body will no longer need much more energy during the night.

On the contrary, if we overdo it with food, we will hinder the purifying function of the body, as well as its ability to eliminate fluids. We recommend having an early dinner and avoiding heavy dishes, such as fried foods, creams and sauces.

2. Reduce your salt intake

Salt is one of the culprits of fluid retention, especially if we take it in the afternoon and at night.

To reduce its consumption we can choose to use aromatic herbs and other spices that help to give aroma and flavor, but do not add more sodium to food.

3. Use a taller cushion

Benefits of silk pillowcases.

Are you perhaps using a cushion or pillow too low to sleep? If so, you should change it to make your head less low. With this you will not only avoid snoring but also facial swelling.

The head should be higher than the rest of the body. However, we must avoid those that are too high, which can damage the cervicals. We can try to put a folded towel under the cushion to give it more height, and see how we sleep and how our face is in the morning.

4. Remove your makeup well

Some women do not remove or remove makeup correctly before going to bed. This supposes an accumulation of substances on the face that block the pores of the skin and hinder cell regeneration, which can lead to facial swelling, the appearance of impurities, etc.

  • We must always remove make-up, preferably with products according to the type of skin.
  • If we want to prevent facial swelling, premature aging, acne and blemishes, we must hydrate our skin, we must choose a good light and refreshing cream with regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. Or a cream specially designed to hydrate and favor the skin during a night’s rest.

5. Relax your face at night

Emotional stress also builds up on the face and can prevent us from getting a good night’s rest. This can lead to poor posture, nightmares, and even morning bloating.

To avoid sunrise with a swollen face, we can start doing a facial self-massage every night before going to sleep or make a series of faces and gestures for a couple of minutes at a time. The idea is to do it gently and calmly so that you can appreciate the benefits.

6. Drink water on an empty stomach and during the day

Fight cellulite by drinking water.

We will always start the day by drinking one or two glasses of water on an empty stomach. Without haste, avoiding drinking the water in one go (because that way it can feel heavy at the moment). Then, we will have breakfast as usual.

The idea is to propose to get to drink a liter and a half throughout the day. Always out of meals, in order to facilitate the elimination of liquids from the whole body.

7. Regulates the thyroid

In some cases, a puffy face can be a sign of a thyroid that is not working properly.  If we suspect that we have a predisposition to this disease, we must carry out corresponding blood tests to check the functioning of this gland and start the appropriate treatment.

As you can see, there are several measures – beyond the classic cucumber slices and facial masks – that can help you start the day with a good face. They don’t take much time, they are very simple and can perfectly complement your care routine. Do the test!

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