7 Keys To Resilience: The Courage You Carry Inside

Before delving into the keys to resilience, a little clarification. Although this is a deeply rooted term in the psychological and motivational field, in reality, this word has its origin in the field of physics.

When a material loses its shape due to an impact or the aggression of a chemical and is able to return to its original shape without breaking or breaking, it is a clear example of resilience.

This physical peculiarity was taken by positive psychology to teach us that we too can carry out this wonderful action. We can face adversity, overcome it, and also come out stronger in the process.

Today, in our space, we invite you to discover 7 keys to resilience. Factors that can help us to start this very therapeutic and healing mechanism.

Because we believe it or not, as living organisms that we are, we are biologically prepared “to survive.” And our brain can guide us in this adaptation, in this rebirth that allows us adversities to go through the moments of darkness to see tomorrow with renewed illusions.

Keys to building your resilience

Today, the concept of resilience applies to a multitude of fields and disciplines. At the company level, for example, it is very useful to face those moments of crisis and difficulty where each member must be able to analyze their situation to apply new improvement strategies.

Sometimes, in moments of crisis, the best opportunities arise to emerge stronger.  And this is something that can also be assumed in the personal field, and even affective. Now let’s see what factors can help us put it into practice.

1. Connect with your environment 

When we experience moments of difficulty, we usually have the feeling that the world has lost its tune, that everyone is going in one direction and we in another. We must stop and realize that we are not alone.

Dare to connect, to support yourself in good friends, in your family, in those people who really know how to listen to you and are capable of offering help. Accepting the help of our environment allows us to strengthen ourselves, feel more secure to make new decisions and regain hope.

2. Intense pain does not last forever: you will be able to breathe again

No one can change what has happened. The facts are what they are and we have every right to feel angry, sad, dejected … However, we must bear in mind that complex situations will not last forever.

The pain is not lasting and day by day things will improve. We must allow ourselves to “flow” with our own life. There are moments of difficulty, moments of opportunity and days of true happiness.

3. Change is part of life

This aspect is linked to what we pointed out before: life flows and is in continuous movement and this implies that changes are inevitable, but eternally clinging to pain is optional. Don’t do it, don’t get stuck …

Adversity should invite us to turn on the innate motors of adaptation that we all have built into our brains. Refine your emotions in search of renewed illusions, accept everything that has happened and little by little allow yourself to move forward, let the passing of the days invite you to look at the horizon.

4. Set new goals

What happened has no turning back, it cannot be changed, the only option now is to accept and assume. Your first action to face this adversity is to make a decision, propose a simple and easy goal to assume.

Later will come the riskier objectives. But, to begin with, the easiest, the most therapeutic serve us: go for a walk, meet friends, take a trip, try to enjoy …

5. Create a positive image of yourself

You already know that image of yourself suffering, being touched by grief, failure, absence or disappointment. It is an image that is already familiar to you. Now, it’s time to create a new one.

The development of self-confidence is key at this time, it is the way through which you can cope with the day to day, solve problems and trust your instincts. This is another of the keys to resilience, to gradually develop and strengthen it.

6. Keep things in perspective

Although we have to face very painful events, it is necessary to maintain control and a proper perspective of things. If you have been abandoned, it does not mean that you do not have the right to be happy again.

If you have lost someone, you should not fall into that pit in which to refuse to smile again or to hope for life. Have perspective, pay attention to your heart.

7. Take care of yourself

Girlfriends having fun

You have friends, you have family, there are people who love you and who are there to help you every day. However, the one who really should take care of you is yourself.

You already have some keys to resilience, now, you must not forget that you deserve to be happy again. Therefore, do not hesitate to promote your physical and emotional health. Go for a walk, maintain a proper diet, promote emotional relief and project, project plans, illusions … Don’t stop thinking about the future.

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