7 Effective Ways To Relax The Mind

Learning to relax the mind and body is very useful to manage in the best possible way those moments of tension, anxiety or stress that you experience on a day-to-day basis and that can later take their toll if you don’t manage them properly.

It is true that there can often be moments when you would like to run and flee very far from those situations marked by stress. However, running away from problems and concerns is not the best solution. On the other hand, it can be the fact of working and improving our attitude. And what is the most appropriate way to manage these negative and dangerous feelings for health?

Here, we want to explain 10 easy ways to relax your mind when you need it most. Practical strategies that will be of great help to you and that we invite you to discover.

How to relax the mind and body?

Woman taking a deep breath with her eyes closed.

Keep in mind that the following keys can be positive as an initial measure, but if your mood does not improve and stress continues to affect your daily life, the best recommendation is to seek professional assistance from a psychologist.

1. A refuge of your own

Let’s take a simple example to understand this first strategy. Imagine that you are at work, you have endless tasks to do and, in turn, around you there is a lot of tension, noise, colleagues who speak to you, who overwhelm you, etc.

Also, imagine that you just had, for example, a fight with your partner and that, in turn, your children are waiting for you to take them to school. How can you relax your mind even for just a moment?

Visualize an empty room. A private palace of calm and peace, where you can close the door and be alone. Behind that door is the sound and the worries, but you are safe in this intimate and silent space. Here you can sit and think things carefully and calmly, there is no pressure.

2. A moment to breathe deeply

Stress and anxiety make your breathing faster, suck the air out, and make your heart work too hard. Little by little and without realizing it, muscle tension and headaches will arrive.

When this happens, try to regulate your breathing little by little. Begin by placing your hand on your abdomen and take a deep breath, noticing how it contracts and your chest expands.

Hold that air for a few seconds and now breathe out little by little, while you notice how, with that air, part of your inner weight also goes away. It is very relaxing and will help you relax your mind.

3. A white wall

White wall

This exercise is as simple as it is effective. We have all lived those moments when, suddenly, endless worries, anxieties or fears come upon us. Without knowing how, negative thoughts assail us that we feel immobilized.

When this happens to you, immediately cut off those thoughts and put a white wall in front of them. There is nothing more than a soothing target that envelops you and calms you down.

Try it. Put an end to those obsessive thoughts and relativize things with this protective image against that current of negativity.

4. A few words to do catharsis

A simple and very therapeutic technique to relax the mind is to always carry a notebook in your bag. A nice notebook where you can write all those worries that, from time to time, attack us like threatening crows.

Release your fears and tensions in the form of words. Later, if you wish, you can burn those leaves if you want to make it more relaxing.

You can also leave them and keep a personal diary, where you reflect not only your concerns, but your thoughts and dreams. Day by day, this journal can become your best friend, your personal escape route.

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5. A little sun, a few steps on the grass

When you feel saturated, when anxiety and worries envelop you to the point of feeling very stressed, do not hesitate. Go for a walk in a park, in a forest, in the mountains, etc.

Let the sun caress you, feel the calm and breath of nature caressing your skin. It is like going back to the origins, and we assure you that few things can be more therapeutic and effective to feel more relaxed on a day-to-day basis.

6. One ear

We are sure that, in your social circle, you have that person who knows how to listen to you with sincerity, empathy and affection. Someone with whom you can relax your mind for a while by talking about everything that makes you unhappy, that worries you or that stresses you.

Sometimes we do not seek advice, or to be told what to do. Most of the time we just need to be heard and cared for. After taking off “that weight”, we will decide which strategies are best for us.

7. A personal space

All of us have that intimate and personal space where we can relax and be ourselves. Some find him listening to music and closing his eyes. Others, drawing, dancing or even knitting, it does not matter. The essential thing is to have a hobby with which to relax tensions and be ourselves, thus relativizing many of those concerns.

It is important that you know how to find for yourself what is the best way to relax your mind. Each person is unique and special, and not all of us are served the same advice. So, go testing each one of them little by little to discover which one best suits your personality.

Always remember to set priorities in your life, do not turn completely on others to the point of neglecting yourself. Value yourself as you deserve, defend your personal spaces, your privacy, your freedoms. Do not forget!

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