6 Steps To Overcome A Love Rejection

We must not sink before a love failure. Although it costs us, we must try to distance ourselves and take advantage of it to learn. Let’s give ourselves the time we need to get over it and move on.

A love rejection is something that can happen to anyone at any time. In fact, it is something much more common than we imagine. When we suffer it, it hurts, distresses and makes us feel discomfort.

Nobody likes to be rejected, that is a reality. Therefore, we must bear in mind that self-esteem can be greatly affected if we do not act prudently when we go through a love rejection.

Although we can understand the theory, then the practice is another matter. It is important that we are prepared for this type of situation that can happen to us at any time. Therefore, below we will review some steps to overcome a love rejection.

Steps to overcome love rejection

1. Did you really want to be with that person?

Sometimes we want to be alone, but something prompts us to look for someone to accompany us on our way. This is something to think about once we are rejected. Did we really want to be with her or was it the result of an unjustified need?

Any loving rejection can be used to our advantage, to make us aware of whether what we were projecting in our mind was sincere or not. Let’s use rejection to ask ourselves if the desire we had to be with that person was real.

2. Every love rejection is an opportunity

Let’s think that every mistake entails a success, so every rejection is an opportunity, or at least that is how we should see it. Love rejections can serve as training to learn to manage our emotions.

It is not a very pleasant situation, but it is in difficult situations that you learn the most. Therefore, let’s take love rejections as an opportunity to be a stronger person emotionally. Also, let’s not forget that you can always get something positive out of anything negative.

3. Perception or attention?

When we suffer a love rejection, we focus so much on unpleasant emotions that we feel like we forget something very important: pay attention. If we knew how to get away from our own perception, we would see how to act really so that the situation does not hurt us so much.


It is something like seeing the situation as if we were a third person. It is difficult, it is normal. Our emotions cloud the clear vision that we should have of this situation. But it’s okay to try hard to do it, right?

4. Don’t stay away from negative emotions

It is clear that, in the face of a love rejection, positive emotions are not going to be present at any time. But does this justify our escaping negative emotions? Escaping will never be a good option.

If we move away from what hurts us so much, we will always keep it in mind. We must learn to accept emotions, even if they are not to our liking. Let’s reflect on them, let’s think! Somehow, let’s face them. Only then can we overcome love rejection successfully.

5. Faced with a love rejection, assuming can lead you to error

Faced with a negative situation, we always think about what has led us to all these unpleasant circumstances happen to us. It is not bad luck, it does not mean that we have done something wrong … It just happens.

If we start to presuppose, we can fall into obsession and it will take even longer to overcome the love rejection. Furthermore, presuppositions are often misleading, especially when they are not well founded. Let’s not assume. We simply accept.

6. Beware of recurring thoughts!

Surely, at some time, we have found ourselves in the situation of not being able to stop thinking about something negative that haunts our minds over and over again. It is normal that if something is not solved we turn it around, even without wanting to. Therefore, it is important that we detect recurring thoughts and cut them.

Thoughtful man

When we identify the recurring thoughts, we can reflect on them and find the best solution so that they stop weighing us down. Let’s think that these thoughts feed back on each other, causing us a persistent feeling of discomfort.

Overcoming a rejection of love is never easy and it is clear that putting these steps into practice will not be either, because reality is very different from theory. But at least you will know what is going to happen, how you are going to proceed and how you should act.

In one way or another, knowing even the mistakes we can make can lead us to better cope with a situation, even if it is a loving rejection.

Note: the information presented here is merely indicative. If you consider that the advice does not suit your situation, remember that you can always consult a psychologist.

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