6 Simple Guidelines To Relieve Stomach Nerves

Daily life fills us with responsibilities, anxieties, worries that, without our realizing it, end up being stored in the stomach. We are talking about the nasty stomach nerves.

There are theories that tell us that this is where the second brain is located . This is explained because there are numerous neurons linked to our digestive system.

Somatization is a process by which psychological disorders become organic signs, that is, physical symptoms. Anxiety states usually cause pain and discomfort in specific areas, in this case the stomach.

In this article, we are going to talk about methods that can help alleviate them.

Simple tips to relieve stomach nerves

It is a very common reality that we have all suffered at some time. When the nerves grip the stomach, it is more difficult for us to digest, we feel burning, heaviness … and it is also common to experience episodes of diarrhea.

Nerves in the stomach are often associated with irritable bowel syndrome. This is because stress and anxiety can also affect the gut. They have not been proven to cause the syndrome, but they do seem to make its symptoms worse.

So if it is very common for you to suffer from this reality, bring it to the attention of your doctor so that they take it into account and perform the relevant tests.

So let’s see what tips you can follow to avoid stomach nerves.

1. Beware of anxiety and what we eat


According to studies like this, hot baths can improve our feelings of stress, anxiety and tension.

When you get home, take a nice shower. Let the hot water run down your back, down your neck, use an exfoliating sponge and do a massage with it to relax your muscles and tensions. Then finish by pouring cool water on your legs. It is always a very suitable way to end a bath and relieve nerves and tensions

3. A chamomile tea

Chamomile tea

It is a recommended plant to increase relaxation and to fall asleep. Its properties are based on its action on the central nervous system, relaxing the entire muscular system.

It would be appropriate to take it in the afternoon, when you get home. That way you will be relaxing to spend a few quiet hours and get to bed relaxed.

6. The hypericum or the San Juan plant

St. John's wort infusion

This plant can be found in health food stores and pharmacies. It is widely used to resolve nerves and pain in general. And because? you ask . Because this plant has flavonoids, ascorbic acid and hypericin. In this way, it could act as an antidepressant.

You can take an infusion in the afternoon, a teaspoon of this plant can be used to relax. You can also find it in capsules, so if you want to take it like this you just have to read its instructions. If you have doubts, always ask your doctor or pharmacist.

7. Valerian Infusion


It is very easy to find: it is in infusions, in capsules, tablets … it is sold in pharmacies and natural stores, and it is famous above all for having relaxing effects.

8. What if we practice a little yoga?

Yoga relieves stress and with it, the nerves of the stomach.

Doing some simple yoga exercises is indicated to relieve physical and mental nerves. It is not only a physical exercise, but a way to relax the mind, to learn to breathe and, in essence, to also see life in a different way. If you practice some simple exercises at home, for example, it is possible that little by little, that pressure and those nerves in the stomach will weaken.

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