6 Internal Problems That Pimples On The Face Scream At Us

Depending on the area where pimples appear, it can be a sign that we must take care of a series of habits, such as our diet, or even learn to manage stress

The appearance of pimples on the face is a problem that goes beyond the aesthetic. Although we tend to  pay  attention to it because of its appearance, its presence may indicate other disturbances.  In fact, they can be a sign of hormonal lapses or digestive system conditions.  

Therefore, to give them a more effective treatment, it is essential to know what they can indicate.  This time we want to share their possible causes depending on the  area  of the face where they develop. Do you suffer from them?

Types of pimples and pimples


Pimples on the face can occur in different forms. The most common are usually white spots that do not come to the surface of the skin. Often when they stick out, it is because the pore has become clogged with excess sebum.

Papules are a type of pink, cone-shaped bump that does not contain pus. In the same line are the pustules, which are smaller and rounded and do not cause any type of pain. Beyond pimples and pimples, it is also easy to find nodules and cysts.

In these cases we would be facing a type of acne that can be very painful, since they are deep inflammations of the skin and can last for weeks or months. Finally, we find acne conglobata that usually appears on the back, buttocks, breasts and shoulders. It can leave scars.

Pimples on the face: What problems do they indicate?

1. Pimples on the forehead and eyebrows

If we have pimples on our forehead and eyebrows, perhaps what this is trying to tell us is that there is a problem with our gastrointestinal tract. This is suggested by this study from the University of California led by Dr. Li, who believes that acne could be due to certain types of gut microbes.

Possible solution

  • To end this annoying problem, it is essential to avoid fatty and fried foods.
  • It is also recommended to reduce alcohol consumption.

2. Pimples on the nose


The appearance of pimples on the face is noticeable on the nose. In this case, it is believed that they may be a sign that there are problems related to the functioning of the cardiovascular system.  However, there is no scientific evidence to support this assumption.

Possible solution

  • If you find yourself in this situation, it is essential that you try to lead a healthy lifestyle, relax more and take care of your sleep hours.

3. Pimples on the ears

It is believed that if the annoying pimples appear in the ears we should pay attention to our liver health and our urinary system. However, we should not focus only on this part of the body, since according to this study by East Carolina University, dermatological problems associated with kidney problems can appear in other parts of the body.

Possible solution

  • To avoid accentuating the problem of pimples, it would be advisable to reduce the excessive consumption of salt and coffee.
  • Also, in case of not drinking enough water, we must consume the recommended daily amount of 2 liters.

4. Cheeks and cheekbones

If we have pimples both on the cheekbones and on the upper part of the cheeks we must be careful. As we have already discussed, it could be due to intestinal problems.

However, they can also be a symptom simply related to an allergy, or dental problems if they are on the cheeks, so we should not be alarmed.

Possible solution

  • The best thing we can do to combat these pimples is to take care of our entire organic system.
  • It will not hurt either to take a walk in the open air, and avoid tobacco. Thus, in addition to not smoking, it would be convenient to stay away from smokers so as not to become passive smokers.
  • Do not forget to have good hygiene in the oral cavity and try to eat less sweets and sugary soft drinks.

5. Pimples on the lips

Although it is not scientifically proven, it is believed that if pimples or acne appear in the area around the mouth we may have some type of problem related to digestion.

Possible solution

  • If we eat a lot of fast food, we should try to stop doing it (or, at least, reduce consumption).
  • Likewise, we must introduce foods rich in fiber, such as vegetables and fruits, into our diet.

Pimples on the chin

Pimples on the chin can be associated with  hormonal imbalances resulting from menstruation, especially when there is little time for the arrival of the period. 

When assessing and evaluating the scope of the problem, we must take into account the quantity, as well as the frequency with which they appear.

Possible solution

  • We can apply a specific cream to help us dry pimples.
  • However, in the event that this becomes a recurring problem, it is convenient that we go to the doctor.

Do you have pimples on your face? Now that you know its possible causes, try to find an effective solution to minimize its appearance.

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