5 Ways To Tell Your Child That You Love Him

Telling your child that you love him is key to promoting his emotional well-being. Although sometimes easy to forget, displays of affection have a strong impact on their development.

Have you taken a few minutes out of the day to tell your child that you love him? Although sometimes difficult to do or simply overlooked, it is a simple action that can contribute to the happiness of both. Making him aware of your feelings creates an atmosphere of trust that undoubtedly makes him feel more secure.

And it is that, as obvious as it may seem, your child sometimes needs you to tell him, not only with words, but with actions. Shows of affection are one of the best ways to show her that love is strong, even though there is not always enough time to spend with her.

Best of all, there are many ways to say it so as not to leave it in a simple sentence. While unexpected words are always welcome, there are more momentous ways to make him feel important  and, most of all, loved. Still don’t know how? In the following lines we share 5 good ideas. Take note of them!

The best ways to tell your child that you love him

The love for a child is so great that an “I love you” falls short to show it. Despite this, speaking these simple words has a positive impact on your life. Your expression, both physical and verbal, brings you peace and makes you feel truly important.

For this reason, no matter what age you are going through, it is essential that you take a little of your daily time to give that show of affection. And how to do it? Perhaps some parents have more difficulties than others; however, there are many basic but sweet ways that can be very helpful.

1. Leave notes and love messages

Write love notes to your children.

If your child is already at an age where he can read, leaving him love notes is a great way to tell him how much you love him. A short message, accompanied by colorful drawings and colors, can make you feel quite special. You can also take advantage of technological means to send instant messages or a virtual card.

2. Hug and kiss him

Without a doubt, body language is the best ally to show affection. An unexpected kiss, a caress or a hug can tell your child how much love you feel for him.

The good news is that you don’t need a special moment to do it: you can take advantage of the free time after work or at night before going to bed.

3. Share a meal

As we have already mentioned, a few simple words are not enough to tell your child that you love him. It is true that they are very relevant in the form of expression, but they  have to be supported by actions to be more effective.

Family meal.

Something as simple as sharing a meal can be the way to show love. Lunch or dinner time is a great opportunity to share experiences with  each other and resolve existing doubts. Parents who take advantage of these moments to share achieve a relationship that is more open to dialogue and trust.

4. Plan activities

It is a shame that many do not take advantage of their free hours from work to spend quality time with their children. Although it is normal to feel tired, nothing compares to the benefits of sharing as a family. Planning activities on a weekend or taking an interest in his hobbies is another great option to tell your child that you love him.

Some activities that you can enjoy together are, for example:

  • Learn to dance.
  • Practice sports.
  • Make crafts.
  • Go to the movies.
  • Go to the park.
  • Go for a walk in the country.
  • Riding a bicycle.

5. Be grateful

Proud mother of her child.

Gratitude is a quality that you should foster in your child from his first years of life. If you thank him when he does something nice for you, you not only tell him that you love him, but you educate him to be grateful. Also, from time to time you can get him a big smile thanking him for the simple fact of existing.

Why is it so important to tell your child that you love him?

Beyond making him feel good, telling your child you love him has other positive effects on his safety and self-esteem. The relationship that is created between the two becomes so strong that, in fact, it will influence the rest of their lives.

Some of its benefits are the following:

  • It stimulates the bond between parents and children and creates a strong emotional connection.
  • It fosters self-esteem in children and gives them a sense of security.
  • Improves confidence and favors communication in the family.
  • Create an environment of harmony and well-being.
  • It produces a feeling of happiness in both of you.
  • In addition, it  promotes emotional growth and teaches children to express their emotions.

In short, telling your child that you love him is decisive to strengthen the bond you have with him. Try to go beyond words and put into practice these and other ways to show it to them.

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