5 Tips From Walter Riso On How To Get Away From Your Ex

When we spend a lot of time with a person we create a special bond. This emotional bond can become so strong that we cannot let go even when it is all over. But, when the time comes, how do you get away from your ex?

Today we present you 5 tips from Walter Riso on how to get away from your ex that could help you.

The fear of pain limits us to go our own way

How to get away from your ex according to Walter Riso

Couple breaking up.

Although today many relationships are ephemeral, the psychologist and best-selling author Walter Riso assures that there are a large number of people who have difficulties facing the end of a love cycle and live trapped for years in what could be and was not.

Finishing is not easy; in the best of cases you part with good manners and maintain a cordial relationship. However, we always have to face the blow of loss, either because we are the ones who stop loving or because our partner has.

Who is Walter Riso?

Walter Riso is a renowned Italian psychologist, with almost 30 years of work as a clinical psychologist. He alternates his work as a psychotherapist with the exercise of the university chair, conducting research in clinical practice and scientific publications and psychological dissemination.

He has published 25 books including technical and broadcast texts. His works have been translated into more than 12 languages, some of them are Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Catalan, Greek, Slovenian and English. Among his most outstanding books are the following:

  • In love or enslaved
  • Detach without anesthesia
  • Love or depend
  • Fall in love with you
  • The art of being flexible
  • Love and do not suffer
  • Highly dangerous loves
  • Love or depend?
  • I already said goodbye, now how do I forget you.

Do you know how to get away from your ex?

When a relationship ends we go through different stages. Sometimes we are attacked by the desire to see her again until we understand that we must let that person go. Follow these tips from Walter Riso and learn how to get away from your ex.

1. Remove it from social media

Today, digital spaces are a part of life. They are used to keep track of the movements of our friends. Therefore, it is better to remove that person from Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social network.

Otherwise, it will be very difficult to remove it from our memory. The best thing is to remove it from our life, at least for a while. Later, we may be ready for a different relationship.

2. Avoid talking about him or her

Although sharing your pain with people you trust can help, don’t make it part of most of your day-to-day conversations. Distract yourself on other topics.

You must distribute your attention among your friends, family and, of course, your own personal projects. Avoid focusing on what hurts you, to focus on what you can do today to start feeling better.

3. Build a new life project

It is crucial that you spend time reviewing your old goals and building new ones. Thus, you will feel your ex more and more away and the emotional freedom that you had abandoned.

4. Don’t look for it

Dignity must be above all. Begging, humiliating, or harassing your ex-partner will not only decrease the chances of a healthy estrangement, but will also increase a sense of worthlessness of your own.

5. Don’t idealize it

One of the capital mistakes that keeps us from walking away is idealization. Many times we do it because we need to justify the needs of the ego, idolizing the other. It is recommended to identify the distortions and, therefore, look at reality as it is.

How to get away from your ex: hope is a problem

Angry couple sitting on the couch.

According to Walter Riso, one of the most frequent obstacles when it comes to getting away from an ex-partner is “hope. Although initially having it is positive because it encourages you to act and persevere, when it comes to a breakup, this great virtue can become your worst enemy.

As long as there is hope, it is impossible to get away from that person, or at least from their memory, which in emotional matters is just as limiting. The fear of the pain of loss can cause our affective perceptions to be altered and hope to be maintained despite obvious signs of disinterest on the part of the other person.

On the other hand, many people create bonds based on attachment ; They are afraid of being emotionally alone or they generate low self-esteem and they believe that no one will ever love them again. With these premises, distancing becomes even more difficult.

When a couple breaks up, they are most likely to suffer and sadness leads to a vicious cycle. If this is your case, apply these 5 tips from Walter Riso on how to get away from your ex and come out of that situation reinforced. And, if they don’t work for you, remember that you can always consult a psychologist yourself if you need help.

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