5 Things You Should Let Go Of To Be More Successful And Happy

One of the things you should do is stop looking for perfection in everything you do. You were born to be happy, not perfect

Letting go is often an exercise in health and wellness. However, the human being is not always prepared to let go of certain aspects, people and things that until not long ago were significant to him.

Our brain is resistant to change. Thus, the simple act of starting new projects and activities, leaving certain environments and customs aside, is often a process as complex as it is threatening.

We are used to the predictable, to those comfort zones where everything is safe. However, with change, progress and human development are promoted, hence it is necessary to learn to “let go”, to let go.

Next, we provide you with some simple strategies to practice this art not exempt, of course, from some pain.

The process of change and detachment in the human being

Letting go is being able to move forward. Generating a change to get closer to our best version is to be able to achieve happiness. These concepts, understandable to most, undoubtedly pose great challenges for all of us.

Any variation in our life cycle implies having to let go of something to dress ourselves with new airs, habits and perspectives.

Such a process requires of us a mental change and having to deal with a large number of emotions: fear, anxiety, insecurity, sadness …

Thus, renowned psychologists such as Dr. James Prochaska, conducted a study to determine how we carry out each of our changes. Those in which we are obliged to leave something to obtain well-being. Something he was able to discover is that we almost always go through the same stages:

  • Every change creates fear in us.
  • Little by little we convince ourselves that the act of letting go will generate a long-term benefit for us.
  • Sooner or later we realize that more than the situation, it is us who has changed: we are finally able to be brave.
  • We regain our calm.

Aspects that you must let go of to find happiness

Feeling happiness, approaching that summit where achieving success and satisfaction for all that has been achieved, undoubtedly requires carrying out certain changes.

Now, we are not referring only to the need to let go of certain practices, environments, habits or people. We refer in turn to internal changes, to facilitate that personal development with which we feel much better about ourselves.

Let’s see some strategies below.

1. You don’t need to be right about everything to be happy

Are you one of those who, when they are talking, always seeks to be right in everything? There are those who think that this will make them happier and show that they have a certain status.

This is one of the things you need to let go of if you really want to grow. It is true that being right has its charm, but it is not possible all the time .

There will always be someone with a different point of view supported by a good argument.

Do you know what is best? That this new point of view gives you the opportunity to see things from another angle.

Our recommendation is that, if at any time you find yourself in an environment in which it seems that you know more, move to another place or expand your circle of friends.

2. Yes to the people who make us grow, no to those who do not give us anything


Another thing you should let go of is the need to make friends just to feel more valuable.

Make new friends it is important and good to improve. Friends help us learn new things, live unique experiences, and get to know other points of view. 

Furthermore, as a study by the University of South Carolina reveals, good friendships mediate our health and quality of life.

  • What you should not do is force those friendships. Avoid being the kind of person who is almost harassing those who he sees as interesting all the time.
  • Also It is important that you give your friends, new or old, the importance they have.
  • A fundamental part of friendships is sharing time and experiences. It is not worth approaching someone’s life with the sole objective of winning something and then not giving it more attention or importance.

If you do this, in the end you will be lonelier than before. Nobody likes to feel used and nobody is foolish enough to not realize that they are being used.

3. Let go of guilt for the things you enjoy.

Each one has things that they love and that perhaps others criticize. They are those aspects that distinguish us and that others often do not see favorably.

Whatever you love to do, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. . Many times we dedicate our lives to meeting the expectations of others because we think that this way they and we will be happier.

One of the things you should let go of is guilt for being or doing what you like. When you get rid of this tremendous burden, you will see that living is much easier.

Our advice is to do the things you love. Feel free to experience the life you really want and focus on be happy .

The result of this way of acting will be a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

4. The search for the perfect partner

couple that lets go of their fears

Sometimes, the very culture in which we grow up causes us to end up idealizing the figure of an affectionate partner.

We think that you must have the perfect height, weight, and personality without seeing that these ideas are tremendously damaging to the relationship.

In case you do not have a partner, one of the things you should let go of is the idea that you must find the perfect person.

We are not saying that you do not have well-defined standards or tastes. What we mean is that it is necessary to recognize that neither you nor the other party are perfect.

If you are now in a relationship and you are seeing defects in the other person all the time, analyze if those defects are really that serious.

You will likely find that the pursuit of perfection is becoming a problem and you should stop being so.

Think that, just as you expect your partner to value you for who you are, the other person expects and needs the same.

5. Perfection

We already said that one of the things you must let go of to be happier and more successful is the search for the perfect partner.

However, the perfection it is not a problem only when we look for it in the person with whom we will share our life.

It is also somewhat harmful when we measure ourselves based on it.

Are you looking for the perfect body all the time instead of accepting yours? Do you speak negatively to yourself because you think that judging yourself will motivate you to improve?

Today’s stereotypes tell us to look perfect, have a great job, and be the envy of everyone.

Do you know what is the problem? That that is a very unrealistic and impossible perspective to achieve.

You are a normal person who has as many defects as virtues and you must learn to see and value that.

It’s okay to be inspired by perfection and see it as motivation to improve. What is not so good is working just to achieve it.

In the latter case, you will quickly end up frustrated. Avoid these types of mental and personal approaches and work every day on your well-being.

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