5 Foods That Will Help Us Avoid “love Handles” According To Science

Love handles are that unsightly accumulation of fat that, in the end, we end up assuming with a certain sense of hopelessness. Age, a slower metabolism or genetics undoubtedly determine that tendency of some people compared to others to develop more or less love handles. Now, beyond the aesthetic problem, we are faced with an issue that concerns health.

The abdomen that accumulates more fat than the indices that are considered normal is a risk indicator. We can develop heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Eating, whether we want it or not, makes us accumulate calories. However, the body needs them at an adequate level for energy. So, remember: to lose those kilos the last thing we have to do is “stop eating.”

You have to eat well, and you have to do it with health. Whoever chooses, for example, to skip one or more meals, what he achieves is to alter his metabolism and, consequently, to lose muscle mass, not fat. Therefore, nutritionists are clear. We must maintain healthy lifestyle habits and eat consciously. Choosing well the foods that we are going to put on our table is key to losing, little by little, that accumulated fat.

1. Coffee and fat oxidation


One or two cups of coffee a day is synonymous with health. The brain will appreciate it, the liver will fight multiple diseases and the weight will also notice it. We reiterate the data once more: one or two cups of coffee. It is not at all about making ourselves several liters of this drink to accelerate weight loss. Its effects have been proven by science, it is a safe substance in the recommended doses.

  • If we follow a proper diet where coffee is not lacking, we will be able to reduce love handles.
  • The balanced and regular consumption of caffeine accelerates the metabolism and allows us to burn fat, as long as it is consumed in moderation.
  • An excessive intake of coffee could have the opposite effect by motivating the exacerbated release of hormones related to stress (adrenaline, norepinephrine, cortisol).

    2. Bitter oranges for breakfast

    Oranges cut in half.

    More than one may have drawn a gesture of disgust. Bitter oranges? That’s how it is.

    Far from seeing this variety of fruit (C itrus aurantium ) as something unpleasant on the palate, it is enough to remember how ideal a good toast with bitter orange marmalade is.

    • Our breakfast would be very complete if we accompanied a bit of bitter orange with a toast of rye bread.
    • This variety of orange contains phenylephrine. It is a very powerful compound when it comes to starting the metabolism when we are at rest.
    • If we get used to consuming bitter orange in moderate doses we will achieve a satiating effect and a waist with less fat volume.
    • On the other hand, these foods are also beneficial for the functioning of the immune system due to their vitamin C content. This is confirmed by a study published in Nutrients .

    However, one fact must be taken into account: consuming it in excess can cause hypertension.

    3. Grapefruit or grapefruit for overweight

    Grapefruits or grapefruits are those fabulous citrus fruits that should not be missing in our diet. Always look for a natural grapefruit when preparing a juice before consuming the bottling. You will gain health and take advantage of all its properties.

    • Thanks to a study carried out at the University of Arizona (United States), consuming a grapefruit or grapefruit a day would be very suitable for people who are overweight.
    • What this fruit does is not “lose weight”. It will not kill the love handles. What it actually does is improve heart health, lower cholesterol, and lower high blood pressure.
    • This general tuning of our health mediated by grapefruit creates the perfect conditions so that, little by little, it is “easier” for us to lose weight. Grapefruit, therefore, does not work miracles … but it encourages them.

      4. Vinegar, but not all vinegars

      When it comes to losing weight and those pesky love handles, choose apple cider vinegar, never balsamic vinegar. The latter, although tastier on the palate, contains more calories.

      • Apple cider vinegar is an ancient ingredient famous for its many healthy properties.
      • The University of Washington or the magazine Bioscience published several studies where it was shown that including apple cider vinegar in our diet favors the loss of abdominal fat.
      • It also reduces bad cholesterol or LDL, helps us with clogged arteries and takes care of the lymph nodes.

      5. Chilli peppers and love handles

      Chilli peppers to speed up the metabolism and get rid of love handles.

      We insist once again that the key to weight loss is a balanced diet and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Just because the foods referenced here help us fight love handles does not mean that we should consume them in excess.

      This advice is essential when it comes to talking about spicy food or chilli peppers. Now, is it true that they help us lose weight? Seems that if.

      • The secret of its slimming power is in capsaicin. It is a chemical compound present in peppers that gives it that indescribable sensation that many people like so much.
      • Increases metabolism, and also reduces appetite.
      • Also, according to the Journal of Proteome Research,  capsaicin stimulates certain proteins capable of breaking down fat and even inhibiting its excessive accumulation.

      If your stomach allows it, do not hesitate to garnish – from time to time  your dishes with a pinch of chilli. A little “heat” every so often feels great.

      Include foods that help you lose weight in your diet

      Now that you know some key foods to enhance the loss of those annoying love handles, what are you waiting to include them in your diet? Remember to increase the practice of physical activity to ensure good results.

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