5 Easy Ways To Increase Energy And Physical Performance

The current lifestyle, with constant stress, poor diet, pollution and lack of rest leaves us exhausted. When the day gets tough, it’s easy to turn to commercial stimulants to boost energy, but this can have negative consequences for our health.

Therefore, it is important to know how we can increase energy levels naturally. On this occasion,  we bring you 5 easy and natural ways to increase your energy and, incidentally, improve physical performance.

1. Hydrate properly to increase energy

Dehydration is one of the main causes of sudden energy crashes. Even if you do not have chronic dehydration, simple moderate dehydration can make us feel exhausted and unable to concentrate.

If the feeling of tiredness invades you, have a glass of water and see what happens.

2. Avoid using the mobile phone before sleeping

The invasion of smartphones  has made most of us addicted to these devices, to the point that we can not give them up even to go to bed. Recent studies show that the use of these types of devices before sleeping interferes with restful sleep. By not sleeping well, the energy levels the next day drop and it is difficult to concentrate. It is advisable to turn off or activate the mute of the mobile phone at least 30 minutes before going to sleep.

3. Increase iron intake

Nuts and other iron-rich foods to increase energy

Iron is the mineral responsible for transporting oxygen to the cells of the body, among other tasks. When our body does not absorb the necessary amount of iron, symptoms such as fatigue or lack of concentration appear,  which if not treated in time can lead to anemia, as this research published in  Medisan points out .

In this case, the ideal way to increase energy is to increase the consumption of liver and eggs, or of plant sources of iron such as lentils, kidney beans / kidney beans and green leafy vegetables. To better absorb the iron in vegetables, consume them with a source of vitamin C (lemon juice, for example).

Keep in mind that iron deficiency is much more common in women. If you are a man, it is possible that the symptoms of iron deficiency are due to another health problem. If these measures are not enough, consult a doctor.

4. Avoid excessive use of drugs

Some drugs, such as antihistamines, can cause drowsiness. If you have just started a new treatment and you feel too tired, the ideal is to consult your doctor and consider a change in medication.

5. Exercise, but moderate

Woman exercises in the forest

Anything in excess can be detrimental, and exercise is no exception. Exercise decreases the body’s production of cortisol, the stress hormone, which when deregulated can affect our energy level and keep us constantly under tension.

However, when we exercise too much we can cause the opposite effect, that is, instead of regulating excess cortisol, we increase it. To take advantage of the training well and to provide us with energy and well-being, it is advisable to carry out a short cardio routine combined with a time of strength training.

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