5 Consequences Of Obsessing Over Something

Obsessing over something is much more common than it seems. Obsessions alter our personal life, work, and sleep. Learn to deal with them.

Obsessing over something is something much more common than we think. However, the problem is that we do not know how to deal with this in a healthy way. This reality causes us great wear and tear that can weaken us and do us a lot of damage.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of whether things tend to obsess us and what is their purpose. Once we have this clear, we can begin to observe the consequences that this has in order to redirect them to a possible solution. Let’s see more about it below.

Consequences of obsessing over something

“… the oldest obsession of man: that of being protected, that of worshiping something superior, someone superior, that it is convenient for him to exist so as not to be absolutely alone …”

─Antonio Gala.

1. Obsessing over something is distracting

Obsessing over something distracts us

When we are obsessed with something, it is very difficult for us to focus on something else.  It does not matter if we are working, playing with our children or even doing some kind of sport. The head is focused on what obsesses us.

The truth is that obsessions can transform an activity that we previously enjoyed into something that does not give us pleasure.

Performing some type of meditation or practice such as  mindfulness  can help. So we can see all these obsessions without judging them and without allowing them to affect us in our daily lives.

2. Being obsessed prevents us from seeing the solution

Most of the problems we have have a solution. In fact, it is very possible that, if something obsesses us, there will always be someone around us who will tell us a possible way out. However, we usually respond with a “from your point of view it is very easy to say.”

It is true that from another perspective things look much simpler. Therefore, it is important to talk with other people and take other perspectives on the situation we are experiencing.

Doing so will allow us to see that decision that we had already made a long time ago. Or end that relationship that was doing us so much damage. Ruminating in these catastrophic thoughts and feeling like a victim is not an option. We can make decisions that will change everything.

3. Obsessing prevents us from being productive

Obsessing prevents us from being productive

Obsessing over something has another terrible consequence, and that is that it will prevent us from being productive. We will not make good use of the time we have to dedicate to our work, project and even our family.

Productivity is essential. So as not to feel that time slips through the hands without meaning and without having squeezed it.

We can finish a task in an hour if we are productive. However, if we are not, we can even take a whole day or leave it for another time . Obsessing over something can cause us to put off for tomorrow what we can do today.

4. Increases anxiety

The world we live in already generates enough anxiety and stress for us to enhance all of this ourselves. Obsessing over something can become a constant that can lead to depression.

When thoughts spin in the mind over and over again they become ruminants, unable to find a way out. Is there a solution for what we are thinking? Whether the answer is yes or no, the way out exists. There is no use worrying.

Let’s begin to transform our thoughts into decisions and actions. Let’s not let them stay alone in that which is not serving us at all. This is not useful. Increases anxiety.

5. Being obsessed prevents us from resting well

Obsessing prevents us from getting a good rest

How could it be otherwise, obsessing over something has a terrible consequence. It prevents us from getting adequate rest. And being able to sleep well is essential to be productive and have energy during the day.

In addition, if we do not sleep well, it is very likely that we feel bad. Therefore, the anxiety will increase. It does not matter how many hours we sleep: the fundamental thing is that we take advantage of them in the right way.

It’s not worth making our days bitter

Obsessing over something does us no good. However, many times we tend to think about the same idea, thought or concern that does not really serve any purpose. It only makes our days bitter.

Practicing mindfulness , adopting new perspectives, or asking a professional for help will be important steps. We should not put them aside if we are not able to deal with all these obsessions by ourselves.

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