4 Ways To Decorate A Room With Minimalist Style

Would you like to decorate your living room with a minimalist style? If you have looked at the photos of the fashion decoration magazines and have fallen in love with this style, you cannot miss this article!

Minimalism is one of the best positioned decorative trends today. It’s about  putting simplicity into practice at its finest.

For this, only those elements that show the essential of a space are left, so that purity and simplicity can be found in it.

Here are some tips to decorate a room with a minimalist style. As the saying goes: “less is more”.

The minimalist style in decoration

A minimalist living room with few objects.

A room with a minimalist style  does not necessarily have to perfectly imitate the design of a traditional Japanese room, where there is hardly any decoration and furniture.

Let us remember that the Japanese live in confined spaces and they need these to adjust to various needs: eating, sleeping, exercising or receiving visitors, among others.

Reason why the Japanese dispense with everything that cannot be adjusted to various uses. However, certain features of this type of design are maintained.

In general, in minimalist decoration what is sought are “pure” lines, simplicity and functionality.

In this sense, the idea that “if it is not used, it is not needed” is rescued in order to give priority to what really matters: the essential.

Characteristics of minimalism

Some of the characteristics that the style gathers are the following:

  • Use of simple forms, in general.
  • The circulation areas are specially cared for to provide a feeling of greater space and, therefore, of comfort.
  • The luminosity stands out above all else. For this reason, the use of neutral or soft tones is used. White is usually the predominant color. 
  • Overly elaborate accessories are dispensed with and the simplest (and in little quantity) are used. Likewise, it should be noted that textile-type accessories are usually as natural as possible, to provide warmth to the home.
  • Only the essential appliances are placed.
  • Instead of objects, they opt for decoration with some houseplants of  the Immortelle type.
  • It is not necessary to have a complete furniture set. On the contrary, the minimalist style dispenses with most of the furniture.
  • Minimalist outfits are harmonious and stylish  as they keep clutter out.

Decorate a room with minimalist style

Minimalist decor with views.

1. Giant cushions

In the first place, you can decorate a room with a minimalist style, dispensing with the two typical elements of this room: the sofa and the coffee table.

Instead, you can put a pair of giant cushions (or beanbags) and a rug in a neutral shade. The room will look much more spacious and definitely no less cozy. Even if there are few elements, these can look great if combined in the right way.

2. Small sofa

Another option is to place a suitable sofa for the room (one that is not excessively large) and a small coffee table. Depending on the space, one or two extra chairs could be included. The idea is to leave only what is necessary.

Of course, you can always play with the minimalist style a bit, in such a way that we can have the sofa, the chairs and the coffee table, small in size, with simple lines and neutral colors. The idea is not to recharge the space.

3. Wall decoration

Now, the idea of ​​decorating a room with a minimalist style is not only limited to furniture. You also have to know what to do with the walls.

Ideally, no more than one or two accessories should be placed; Although the truth is that several more can be included, but these must be simple and elegant.

For example a couple of small squares with some element on a white background; the most common are pictures with plant leaves.

Could it only be decorated with pictures? No. You can use a tapestry or some other element of our preference, as long as it maintains harmony, in accordance with the characteristics that we discussed above.

For example, those people who have a minimalist-bohemian style can place a large white dreamcatcher on the central wall of the room.

4. The predominant color

Does it have to be all white? No. You can have a room with a minimalist style in various shades: beige, sky blue and light gray, for example.

There are people who prefer to use only one color and others who prefer to use several shades of the same color. In this sense, you can be quite flexible. Let your inspiration come to light!

Do you already have in mind how to create your living room with minimalist style?

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