4 Tricks To Be Happier In Life

How happy would you say you are? How much do you seek happiness? Do you think that being happy requires a lot of money, effort and recognition? Everyone has their own concept of happiness, and trying to create a single universal idea is not easy at all. Now, it is possible to apply some tricks to be happier, day by day.

Because these are general tricks they are easy to apply,  maybe they will help you change your perspective on what you need a bit.

None of the tricks that we will give you are too radical or extravagant. You will discover that your happiness depends only on small acts, sustained over time.

Tricks to be happier

1. Eat in moderation and prioritize healthy foods

Eat better

The first of the tricks to be happier may surprise you because, although we usually use food as an anchor to happiness, we rarely see it that way.

Before you think we were wrong, ask yourself how many times have you turned to food to feel better:

  • A glass of wine to make it easier for you to socialize.
  • A piece of chocolate or a good slice of ice cream for when you’re feeling down.

Eating to seek happiness generates a few extra kilos that will later make us feel guilty. In addition, you cannot deny that the foods that are chosen at those times tend to threaten your health.

We are not saying that you stop eating or that eating a piece of candy once will make you unhappy. The point here is to eliminate the urge to eat to feel happy.

Better focus on being happy eating healthy. Everyone knows that the foods that usually generate the feeling of false happiness are fatty, salty or fried.

Our recommendation is that you get used to eating a healthy diet, at all times.

2. Buy responsibly

How many things do you have accumulated in your house that only get in the way and you don’t even use it anymore? How many debts do you have on your credit card? At first glance it may seem that shopping has nothing to do with whether you are more or less happy.

Many times we hear the phrase “shopping relaxes me” or “we go shopping, that will cheer you up.” This makes our mind associate buying with happiness , which is not healthy. And it is that  you are probably generating unnecessary expenses that will become debts that will not let you sleep later.

In fact, it is common to see that Those who have too much debt begin to experience anxiety and stress that, little by little, lead to more serious problems.  With this we do not mean that you stop spending completely, because it is valid that you indulge yourself from time to time. However, the second of the tricks to be happier is learning to shop with awareness.

3. Learn to relax


How much do you know how to take advantage of the time you have free? You may not have realized it, but the world we live in has transformed saying “I have no worries” into a synonym for vagueness. It’s almost as if having a few hours off just for you is a bad thing or a sign that you’re a lazy.

Are you like this? Do you usually think that resting means wasting time? What if we told you that having a hobby or spending a few hours doing nothing actually helps your brain ?

The reality is that successful people are those who understand that they have things to do and no worries to resolve.

To be happier you must be aware that there are things that you must comply with, and one of the most important is rest. One of the tricks to be happier and more successful is to give yourself 30 minutes to two hours to let your mind rest and free itself from all worries.

4. Judge less

The room of the tricks to be happier will also help you to know yourself and improve as a person.

  • First of all, you must understand that you do not always have all the information to rate others or to be able to raise lawsuits for something someone did.
  • Second is the fact that by judging yourself, you are limiting yourself.  This is because, when you spend time criticizing others, you learn that this is a common action and you will believe that others will do the same to you. This can cause you to avoid doing new things.
    • Finally, remember that the criticisms we make are like Mirrors . That is, what you do not like in others you may not like in yourself.  So analyze why you judge and, from there, find what and how to change.

    Start putting them into practice!

    If you are one of the people who have adopted the habit of judging as a defense mechanism or to feel better, analyze the reason. We are sure that does not make you as happy as you want to think.

    As we mentioned at the beginning, these tricks to be happier are very simple, even logical.   Despite this, we seldom apply them and that makes life a bit difficult. Now that you know them, put them into practice.

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