4 Small Cleaning Tools For Difficult Places

There are many places in the home that are difficult to clean and, therefore, tend to accumulate more dirt. To solve this situation, it is necessary to devise some specific cleaning utensils that allow us to reach all those hard-to-reach corners. Of course, the first thing we think of is the super popular toothbrush.

Cleaning utensils are instruments that, as a general rule, must have an ergonomic design so that their handling can be as simple (and effective) as possible; that is why a broom or toilet brush does not pose any difficulty.

Its design makes it very clear how it should be used and, therefore, no instructions are needed. However, there are those who have devised new uses from experimentation with these objects.

Cleaning tools for difficult places

If at the moment you do not have any tools at home that make it easier for you to clean difficult places, it is best to improvise some tools on your own. The ones that we are going to show you next are very useful and easy to find. Also, you should know that a couple of them can be reusable and the other two will be disposable.

1. Toothbrush

We all know that every three months you have to change your toothbrush. This old brush still has a utility. We just have to disinfect it before starting to use it as a cleaning tool.

To do this, we immerse it for a couple of hours in a glass with some chemical disinfectant (70% alcohol onwards, preferably bleach or a mixed detergent) and a part of hot water.

Toothbrushes have different uses.

The toothbrush is one of the cleaning tools most used for hard-to-reach places. Its bristles allow accumulated dirt to be removed without touching the hand.

Of course, at the end of the cleaning it must always be disinfected again before storing it with the other tools. And since nothing is eternal, it will have to be renewed when the sows no longer fulfill their function.

2. Cloth cloth gloves

Another of the cleaning utensils that we can improvise to clean difficult places at home are cloth or microfiber gloves. We simply draw our hands with a marker on a kitchen towel, cut and sew well.

In this way, we can clean the small grooves with our own “fingers”. Of course, the key is not only to put on the cloth gloves but also to moisten the tips of the fingers with an appropriate cleaner.

3. Chopsticks with sponge head

And for those places that are practically impossible to clean, we recommend that you cut out a small piece of kitchen sponge and stick it to the end of a toothpick with silicone.

This way  you will be able to access those super narrow grooves that abound in the corners, such  as the grooves and rails of the windows.

4. Swabs or sticks

The chopsticks that we improvised earlier sought to imitate the utility of the cotton buds; These are elements that, almost always, we have available in the bathroom of our house. Therefore, we can use them to clean the most difficult corners.

The only disadvantage they have is that they are not reusable. However, they are often used to remove dust from computer keys, for example, among other similar cleaning tasks.

Chopsticks are excellent cleaners.

It should be noted that these utensils are designed to get out of trouble when we do not have any specific cleaning tool. Today there are already many carefully designed tools to help us reach every corner.

Cleaning also does not depend exclusively on the tool used but on the cleaner or detergent.

Many times, these places have a accumulation of dirt that cannot be removed the first time, so it is necessary to apply a cleaning product and let it act for a few minutes before proceeding to remove the dirt with the help of our selected cleaning utensil.

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