14 Ideal Exercises To Reduce The Waist

To show off a shaped waist, it is very important to take care of your diet and avoid the consumption of sugars. Also, physical exercises help define the area and reduce fat levels in the body.

The waist is one of the areas where more fat tends to accumulate. Therefore, it is normal for many to worry about how to reduce or tone it, either for aesthetic reasons or for the various benefits that this brings to health. The first step to combat this problem is to eat right and exercise to reduce your waistline.

Now, this is not a magic formula. If body fat levels are high, it will be necessary to produce an energy deficit. That is, you will have to expend more calories than are consumed, according to a study published by the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism .

Therefore, because fat cannot be eliminated locally, as explained by research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research , we must complement the exercises to reduce the waist that we will list with aerobic and strength work to achieve the expected results. .

14 exercises to reduce the waist

To feel good inside and out, it is essential to follow a healthy lifestyle. In addition to hydrating enough, following a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables, and avoiding toxic habits such as alcohol or tobacco, exercise is essential to maintain your figure.

As we said before, it is not only a question of aesthetics. Studies such as one published by Hospital Nutrition show that physical exercise helps to keep fit and avoid the risk of suffering from various diseases of all kinds.

Therefore, if you want to feel good, change your habits and avoid the problems caused by sedentary lifestyle. If you have decided to take the step, these exercises will help you reduce your waist in a few weeks.

It is advisable to select a group of seven exercises for each day and warm up the body well before starting to avoid injury. With regard to repetitions, these will depend on your physical condition, so it is best to consult a physical activity professional for advice on how much to do of each exercise.

1. Trunk twists

  • Standing, with your legs spread shoulder-width apart and your hands on your waist, twist your torso to the left and right with your back straight.
  • Place your arms at chest level with your fists clenched and repeat the exercise.
  • Finally, in the same position as above, perform twists by stretching the corresponding arm on each side alternately.

2. Lateral twists

  • Standing with your legs spread shoulder-width apart and your hands on the back of your neck, perform lateral twists to one side and the other.
  • In the same position, stretch your arms over your shoulders with your fingers interlocked and drop to the side, as if trying to touch the ground. Return to the starting position and do the same movement to the opposite side.

3. Twisting with a cane

  • Use a medium cane to perform this exercise.
  • Place it behind your shoulders while supporting it with your hands at each end.
  • With your legs spread shoulder-width apart, do straight-back twists.

    4. Lateral twists with a cane

    • Standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, hold the cane above your head in a horizontal position.
    • Do side twists on each side holding the cane.

    5. Trunk push-ups

    • Standing, with your legs spread shoulder-width apart and your hands at the back of your neck, flex your body forward, as if trying to touch the balls of your feet. Then return to the starting position.
    • It doesn’t matter that you don’t make it at first; over time, your flexibility will increase.

    6. Trunk push-ups

    • Perform the same exercise as above, but this time with your legs more open, and flex your trunk to try to touch one ankle and then the other.

      7. Twists with bent legs

      • Sitting with your legs bent and your back straight, do twists with your arms at chest level.

      8. Cross leg twists

      • The position of the legs influences the work of the exercise. This time, you need to sit cross-legged and arms at chest level. Perform the twists keeping your back straight and looking straight ahead, as shown in this video.                                                             

      9. Work the waist from the ground

      • Lie on your side, with your legs slightly bent.
      • Place the hand on the supporting side on the nape of the neck, but without pulling it.
      • The exercise consists of raising the trunk laterally.
      • Perform the same exercise, but this time lifting your bent legs laterally.
      • Finally, raise your trunk laterally with both legs extended.
      • Perform the exercises lying on the opposite side.

      10. Work the waist from the floor with legs

      • Lying on your side, extend your legs and place the arm that faces the ground forward, well supported, while leaving the other behind your neck.
      • Raise your trunk laterally and your upper leg.
      • Repeat the exercise, but this time flex your leg laterally and lift yourself trying to touch the knee.
      • Repeat the exercises on the other side.

      11. Abs-waist combination

      • Lie on your side, with your legs slightly bent, and twist your torso until your back is on the ground.
      • Place your hands on the back of your neck and raise your torso. In this way, you will be working your abdominal and waist muscles.
      • Turn your legs to the opposite side and repeat the exercise.

      12. Moving the legs

      • Lying on your back, with your hands resting on both sides of your body, slightly bend your legs and turn them together to one side and the other without touching the ground. Rest for a few seconds and repeat the exercise.

        13. Another combination

        • Lying on your back, with your hands resting on the back of your neck and your legs extended, flex your legs alternately and raise your trunk trying to touch the left and right knee successively.
        • After doing the desired repetitions, rest for a few seconds and repeat the exercise.

        14. The worm

        • Lie on the floor with your legs extended and place both hands on the back of your neck.
        • Raise your torso, lifting your chest off the ground, and return to the starting position.

        In addition to exercise …

        Exercising and eating a good diet helps you gain health

        We hope that the previous routine will serve as a guide to know some exercises to reduce the waist. Before concluding, it is appropriate to point out a couple of simple keys that must be taken into account to prevent fat from accumulating in this part of the body.

        First of all, being overweight should be avoided, for which it is essential to limit the intake of foods rich in sugars and fats. Finally, it is recommended that the exercise you do be to your liking, since this will increase motivation and you will not abandon it; For example, dancing can be one of the funnest waist-lowering exercises!

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