10 Myths About Hair Care

Hair care is essential when we want to look good. However, the information about such care can be overwhelming. In fact, there are many myths that prevent us from having the hair we want.

Myths spread in society due to ignorance and naivety. In addition to that they manage to penetrate quickly in people since they constitute an easy way, a quick response to their concerns. More volume, longer length, less effort. Everyone wants a magic solution to their worries.

10 myths about hair care

One of the most popular myths has to do with hair grooming. If a person washes their hair every day, this is said to be harmful as it removes substances that make hair grow.

On the other hand, myths are often accompanied by miraculous methods for hair strengthening, among other aspects. Which is why it is difficult to detect to what extent they are myths and to what extent they are not. Let’s see it next.

1. Cutting hair helps its growth

Cut the ends for good hair care

This is undoubtedly one of the most widespread myths. The myth affirms that: every person, by cutting the ends of their hair, promotes hair growth in a faster way. For this reason, many people insist on cutting their hair frequently.

However, the truth is that cutting your hair regularly  does not promote growth or accelerate it. On the other hand, cutting or shaving your hair will not make it thicker.

2. Letting it dry naturally is best

Another of the most widespread myths about hair care is the following: it is better to dry your hair in the open air than with a hairdryer, since the hot air opens the pores of the hair, dries it and produces the unwanted  frizz .

This is completely untrue. The dryer, if used at the right temperature and a good brush is used, does not have to mistreat the hair or impede its growth.

3. Hair gets used to shampoo

woman with natural shampoo

There are people who often change shampoo because they consider that their hair gets used to the product. When this happens, people believe that the product is no longer effective.

Therefore, they consider it necessary to try another to achieve the desired results. This is a myth, although hair can have different needs depending on the time of year or factors in our body.

4. Dry scalp is the main reason for dandruff

Another false belief is that dandruff appears more often on dry scalps. In reality this is totally the opposite.

Why? Because dandruff tends to appear more frequently on oily scalps. Not only because of the natural fat but also because of the type of products that people with this hair tendency tend to use. These are more aggressive products, so they promote dandruff.

5. Split ends can be restored

What is a homemade dry shampoo

There are many hair masks and products that help restore some of the hair damage that has occurred. However,  there are no panaceas.

When the hair damage is very serious, the best solution is a cut . In this sense, some people choose to be radical, while others choose to combine the use of masks with prudent haircuts, more or less frequent.

6. Brushing your hair often promotes growth

This is another of the best known myths about hair. However, brushing does not affect the health of the hair itself. What happens when brushing the hair frequently is that the oil from the roots is distributed evenly to the rest of the hair.

Natural hair oil has many benefits. In addition, it  helps protect the scalp, although it is not solely responsible for hair growth.

7. Proper care will make your hair thicker


Everything related to the thickness and softness of the hair depends on a genetic issue. So it cannot be changed in any way.

Although it is true that there are some products that help give a little more volume to much straighter and finer hair. We must look for those that provide B vitamins, minerals such as silicon and proteins.

8. The more you wash your hair, the greasier it becomes

As with the thickness and smoothness of the hair, the oiliness of the scalp is determined by genetics. This is why washing your hair, more or less frequently, will not influence the amount of oil on the scalp.

However, food is also important in the production of sebum. To do this, we must increase the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables.

9. If you pluck one gray hair, two or three new ones will grow in its place.

What are gray hair

Another of the most widespread myths is that when you pull out a gray hair, several new ones appear. Surely someone has warned you with alarm if you tried to do it.

However, the growth of gray hair will depend on other issues that have nothing to do with uprooting it or cutting it in half. Therefore, do not despair if you take one off.

10. Fresh water seals the cuticle and hair becomes straighter

Using colder or hotter water when washing hair does not affect hair care at all. As these are dead tissues, changes in temperature do not affect it in any way.

However, we also do not recommend washing your hair with water that is too hot. The ideal would be a mild temperature or a little warm.

With this information you already know what you need to start taking care of your hair with common sense. Don’t get hung up on some pointless advice!

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